Part 2 starts in Malaga and includes a stop in Lisbon. A male escort traveling with a companion meets a widow from Wyoming; a married couple checks into the honeymoon suite to find the "Phantom Bride"; Vicki pretends to be older to attract an 18-year old boy away from another girl. Note: Chiquito de la Calzada appeared as Musician (uncredited) in Part 1 only. Herb cons his wife Anita into insisting that he have an affair. Notes: This was a 90-minute episode. Capt. ", "Lose One, Win One / The $10,000 Lover / Mind My Wife", A woman (Dorian Lopinto) traveling with her fiancé (, "Aquaphobic / Humpty, Dumpty / The Starmaker", "Return of the Ninny / Split Personality / Touchdown Twins", "Quiet, My Wife's Listening / Eye of the Beholder / The Nudist from Sunshine Gardens", "Clothes Make the Girl / Black Sheep / Hometown Doc", "Sally's Paradise / I Love You Too, Smith / Mamma and Me", "That Old Gang of Mine / Love with a Skinny Stranger / Vicki and the Gambler", "This Year's Model / A Model Marriage / Vogue Rogue / Too Clothes for Comfort / Original Sin", "Maid for Each Other / Lost and Found / Then There Were Two", "Tony and Julie / Separate Beds / America's Sweetheart", "The Expedition / Julie's Wedding / The Mongala / Julie's Replacement / The Three Rs / The Professor's Wife: Parts 1 & 2", "Two Grapes on the Vine / Aunt Sylvia / Deductible Divorce", "The Incredible Hunk / Isaac, the Marriage Counselor / Jewels & Jim", "Country Cousin Blues / Daddy's Little Girl / Jackpot", "Chef's Special / Kleinschmidt / New Beginnings", "The Lady from Laramie / Vicki Swings / Phantom Bride", "Farnsworth's Fling / Three in a Bed / I Remember Helen / Merrill, Melanie & Melanesia / Gopher Farnsworth Smith: Parts 1 & 2", "Love, Honor and Obey / Gladys and Agnes / Radioactive Isaac", "He's My Brother / Zeke and Zelda / Teach Me Tonight", "Take a Letter, Vicki / The Floating Bridge Game / The Joy of Celibacy", "Doc Takes the Fifth / Safety Last / A Business Affair", "Good Neighbors / Captain's Portrait / Familiar Faces", "I Don't Play Anymore / Gopher's Roommate / Crazy for You", "Green, But Not Jolly / Past Perfect Love / Instant Family", "Return of the Captain's Lady / Love Ain't Illegal / The Irresistible Man", "His Girls Friday / A Wife for Wilfred / The Girl Who Stood Still", "New York, A.C. / Live It Up / All's Fair in Love and War", "The Musical / My Ex-Mom / The Show Must Go On / The Pest / My Aunt, the Worrier: Parts 1 & 2", "Pride of the Pacific / The Viking's Son / Separate Vacations / The Experiment / Getting to Know You: Parts 1 & 2", "Isaac Gets Physical / She Brought Her Mother Along / Cold Feet", "Burl of My Dreams / Meet the Author / Rhymes, Riddles and Romance", "Pal-I-Mony-O-Mine / Does Father Know Best? Guest Stars: Dean Butler as Brent Harper, Mary Cadorette as Darlene Harper, José Ferrer as Simon Beck, Caren Kaye as Paula Mercer, Vicki Lawrence as Betty Logan, David Spielberg as Marc Mercer, Alana Stewart as Miss Enty and Fred Willard as Nil Logan. A wealthy businesswoman (Marion Ross) flirts with Stubing; A tour guide loses her group; An $8-million-lottery winner becomes a boor. A former centerfold model (Meredith Baxter) struggles to hide her past from her fiancé who is a Congressman. Gopher's attempts to prohibit a woman from sunbathing nude are blocked by a lawyer who feels her rights are being denied. Julie stands in for a model friend who has fallen in love. The ship gets a makeover and gains new dancers. George and Phyllis Cowens (Don Porter and Barbara Billingsley) treat their adopted son Jimmy (Michael J. ", Howard Albrecht & Sol Weinstein (No More Alimony), "For Better or Worse / The Buck Stops Here / Bet on It", "Aunt Emma, I Love You / Hoopla / The First Romance", "Ace in the Hole / Uncle Joey's Song / Father in the Cradle", "Polly's Poker Palace / Shop Ahoy / Double Date / The Hong Kong Affair / Two Tails of a City: Parts 1 & 2", "Ace's Valet / Mother Comes First / Hit or Miss America", "The Lady and the Maid / Love Is Blind / The Babymakers", "Side by Side / A Fish Out of Water / Rub Me Tender", "A Rose Is Not a Rose / Novelties / Too Rich and Too Thin", "Dreamboat / Gopher, Isaac & the Starlet / The Parents / The Importance of Being Johnny / Julie and the Producer: Parts 1 & 2", "Best Ex-Friends / All the Congressman's Women / Three Faces of Love", Isaac is taken with the new barmaid (Eugenia Wright); a movie makeup man (, "The Crew's Cruise Director / What a Drag / Doc's Slump (Alaska Cruise)", "Vicki and the Fugitive / Lady in the Window / Stolen Years / Dutch Treat: Parts 1 & 2", "Ace Meets the Champ / Why Justin Can't Read / Call Me a Doctor", "Only the Good Die Young / Honey Beats the Odds / The Light of Another Day", "Soap Gets in Your Eyes / A Match Made in Heaven / Tugs of the Heart", "And One to Grow On / Seems Like Old Times / I'll Never Forget What's Her Name", Vicki has too much champagne on her 18th birthday, before learning of her father's history of alcoholism. A psychic predicts doom; A woman and an old beau are reunited by her dead husband's design; A man discovers that he was once married. Capt. Doc meets a woman who spent much of her adult life in China and is more of a fan of Eastern than Western medicine. Captain Stubing's uncle (Red Buttons) makes efforts to be alone with Julie but is thwarted by her aunt – Gopher in disguise; A businessman (Allen Ludden) tries to close a deal, using his daughter (Mackenzie Phillips) as bait; The neglected wife (Hope Lange) of a publisher (Gene Barry) hopes to find inspiration for the remaining chapter of a book by romancing a novelist (Richard Mulligan). Irene Austin (Martha Raye) agrees to meet her college classmate, Andy Hopkins (Ray Bolger), after 40 years. A woman and her man-hunting daughter arrive on the ship, the mother is attracted to a disabled man but their relationship is hampered by his snobby and obnoxious aide. / The Big Deal", "Mike and Ike / The Witness / The Kissing Bandit", Roger Duchowny (Mike and Ike / The Witness), Fred Grandy and Bernie Kopell (Mike and Ike / The Kissing Bandit), "A Time for Everything / The Song Is Ended / Accidental Cruise / Anoushka", "Till Death Do Us Part–Maybe / Locked Away / Chubs", Ben Joelson and Art Baer (Till Death Do Us Part–Maybe), "Man of the Cloth / Her Own Two Feet / Tony's Family", "Heads or Tails / Mona of the Movies / The Little People", "The Captain's Cup / The Folks from Home / Legal Eagle", Ben Joelson & Art Baer (The Captain's Cup), "El Kid / The Last Hundred Bucks / Isosceles Triangle", "Julie Falls Hard / Double Wedding / The Dummies", "My Sister, Irene / The 'Now' Marriage / Second Time Around", Tony Webster (My Sister, Irene and Second Time Around), "Gopher's Opportunity / The Switch / Home Sweet Home", "Second Chance / Don't Push Me / Like Father, Like Son", "Disco Baby / Alas, Poor Dwyer / After the War / Ticket to Ride / Itsy Bitsy: Parts 1 & 2", "Best of Friends / Aftermath / Dream Boat", "A Good and Faithful Servant / The Secret Life of Burl Smith / Tug of War / Designated Lover", "Love Me, Love My Dog / Poor Little Rich Girl / The Decision", "A Funny Valentine / The Wallflower / Home is Not a Home", "Murder on the High Seas / Sounds of Silence / Cyrano de Bricker", "April's Return / Super Mom / I'll See You Again", "Third Wheel / Grandmother's Day / Second String Mom", "Carol and Doug's Story / Peter and Alicia's Story / Julie's Story / Buddy and Portia's Story: Parts 1 & 2", "The Grass Is Always Greener / Three Stages of Love / Oldies But Goodies", "Doc, Be Patient / Dance with Me / Going My Way", "The Audit Couple / The Scoop / My Boyfriend's Back", "Gopher's Greatest Hits / One Rose a Day / The Vacation", Gopher agrees to take over for a sick performer but he finds out that his vocal cords are not the most entertaining factor in his act. Gopher has second thoughts about an offer to manage an island resort, when Isaac leaves the project. The crew jump to conclusions about noise in Gopher's cabin. Unfortunately, she fails at all of them. Vicki and a young passenger try to help out a stowaway and a very jealous man accuses crew members of making passes at his wife. Other Guests: Mykelti Williamson as James Russell (credited as Mykel T. Williamson) (credit only), Robin Harlan as Beautiful girl (credit only), Peter Forbes-Robertson as Doctor (credit only), Denise Gallup as Twin #1 (credit only), and Dian Gallup as Twin #2 (credit only). A New York ad executive and a long-lost love reunite. A former boyfriend of hers is on board with her high school rival. However, once on board, she runs into the dean of American film and drama critics who has never given Miss Logan a good review. An estranged husband and wife end up in the same cabin. Each episode has multiple titles, referencing the simultaneous storylines contained within. The male members of the crew are shocked when Doc swears off women, so challenge him to a bet. Sights include Curaçao and the Panama Canal. Guest Stars: Brenda Benet as Maureen Mitchell, Milton Berle as Cyril Wolfe, Bill Bixby as John Ballard, Charo as April Lopez, and Audra Lindley as Anita Wolfe. She then panics and tells him she's Irene's sister. Paul and Audrey Baynes (Shecky Greene, (Florence Henderson) fantasize about divorcing each other. ", "Taking Sides / Going by the Book / A Friendly Little Game", "A Selfless Love / The Nubile Nurse / Parents Know Best", In order to claim an inheritance, a young bachelor (, "The Business of Love / Crash Diet Crush / I'll Never Fall in Love Again", "Pacific Princess Overtures / Gopher, the Rebel / Cabin Fever", Gopher is encouraged by a young passenger (, "Marooned/ The Search / Issac's Holiday: Parts 1 & 2", "The Man Who Loved Women / A Different Girl / Oh, My Aching Brother", Howard Albrecht and Sol Weinstein (The Man Who Loved Women), "Julie's Aunt / Where Is It Written? Doris, who's being sought to testify in a messy divorce, sneaks on board disguised as a young girl. After a successful made-for-TV movie, the nautical themed The Love Boat made its series debut on May 5, 1977, exactly 40 years ago!. A celebrity (Joyce DeWitt) tries to avoid a tabloid reporter (Ray Buktenica) trying to uncover her secret. Twins (Cyb Barnstable, Trish Barnstable), unhappy with their perspective spouses (David Nelson, Fred Travalena), switch places. Nancy (Tracy Reed) has a dislike for her father(Bernie Hamilton)'s on-board romance (Esther Rolle). A former football star has a romance with Julie. On the Love Boat Season Number 1 Episode Number 3 Includes the Young Couple experiencing Teenage Love between Kristy McNichol and Scott Baio A representative from the cruise ship Lorelei evaluates the Captain as a possible commanding officer for that ship. Minnie Dunlop (Anne Meara) used to be Harlan Weatherly(Jerry Stiller)'s landlady before his damage to the apartment drove her to file a lawsuit against him. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders come aboard. Another couple has a reputation of being perpetually engaged. A masquerade ball highlights the conclusion of the voyage. A paraplegic former tennis pro meets her critic, a sportswriter; A Mexican stowaway creates havoc; A practical joker learns a lesson. Stubing's pending marriage upsets Vicki; A veteran football player faces being cut; A cook (Michael Winslow) has two roommates. The Dog Show: Putting on the Dog/Going to the Dogs/Women's Best Friend/Whose Dog Is It Anyway? However when one of them begins spending too much time with him, she starts to re-evaluate her relationship. Erica hides from her snobbish prospective in-laws Harold and Margaret, who think she's wealthy. A couple (Monty Hall and Janis Paige) takes their son (Mark Shera) along on the cruise, hoping he will end a relationship; A couple (Leslie Nielsen and Lynda Day George) rethink their romance; An ex-showgirl (Elaine Joyce) jeopardizes her nursing career. A friend of Julie's is romanced by both Doc and the Captain; Isaac and Gopher take sides and even bet their last $100 on the outcome. A kleptomaniac (Joan Van Ark) meets a psychiatrist (Stephen Keep Mills) who tries to help her but when they fall for each other, he keeps his distance. She makes the crew pay for her animosity with the Captain. The cruise begins in the US Virgin Islands and ends in Los Angeles. A television star (Ron Ely) whom Vicki adores comes on board with his girlfriend-agent (Erin Gray) but has to deal with an overbearing passenger (William Boyett). The Temptations board with their manager; a loan shark (Vic Tayback) bargains for a date; the captain becomes involved in a kidnapping. A man (Patrick Wayne) is displaced after his furious girlfriend (Trish Stewart) discovers they were to share quarters. Guest Stars: Jim Backus as Mr. Marvin Waterman, Susan Blanchard as Sarah Lambert, Paul Burke as Brian Sherwood, Patti MacLeod (wife of Gavin MacLeod) as Mrs. Corwin, Debralee Scott as Jane Cole, Laurette Spang as Melanie Taylor, Bob Seagren as Mike Andrews, and Sal Viscuso as Doug Ketchum. But whenever they become intimate, she breaks up laughing and kills the mood. Phylicia Rashad). This trip revolves around a "Marriage-a-Thon" special of 50 couples set to make their vows. The crew holds a simulated small claims court for Minnie and Harlan. Part 1 of 2. In the Virgin Islands, a wine-tasting competition is held, and Julie's aunt helps her friend scheme to snag the contest's wealthy sponsor; a judge starts a shipboard fling without getting to know his new partner well; a married couple who gets divorced every year for tax purposes takes the cruise; Vicki pines over a pro football player. A young man is reunited with an old girlfriend, but his mother has someone else in mind for him at home. Minister Father Mike (Dick Sargent) chaperones six orphans back to the orphanage in Mexico. Love is in the air. Photographer Lila falls for businessman Bud. An elder couple's (Audrey Meadows, Robert Mandan) marriage problems affect a young couple's (Diana Canova, Robert Urich) marriage; A passenger (Harvey Jason) tries to court a girl (Georgia Engel) who is being overprotected by Doc who happens to be a friend of her father; A passenger (Harry Morgan) pays his debts by playing cards with a marked deck. Guest Stars: Susan Blakely as Nicole Phillips, Jack Coleman as Scott Barrett, Mel Ferrer as Jack Powers, Audrey Landers as Brenda Adams-Rosenberg, Judy Landers as Edie Adams-Rosenberg, Harry Morgan as Charly Fields, Ken Olandt as Don Phillips, Alexis Smith as Justina Downey, Craig Stevens as Viktor Lukas, and Lisa Whelchel as Kelly Barrett. Producer Marty Chenault (Dean Jones) is the older brother of Jack Chenault, whom Julie almost married once. Julie is making a decision about accepting Jack's (. When a fraternity has the turnover of one of their relics from one chapter to another, the chapter receiving the relic feels the chapter currently in possession of it is not worthy to be part of the fraternity, so the recipient chapter leader (Tim Ryan) tries to make it appear that they violated several of the fraternity's laws so that they would be thrown out. Guest Stars: Lloyd Bridges as William Otis Farnsworth, Jessica Walter as Marcia Farnsworth-Smith, Linda Evans as Jessica Halberson, Morgan Fairchild as Jenny Boyer, Grant Goodeve as Bud Boyer, Anthony Andrews as Tony Selkirk (archive footage), Beth Howland as Eloise Farnsworth, Jim Nabors as Wayne Bouton (the Valet), Elizabeth the Koala as Herself, Graham Kennedy as Port Vila Jeweller, Margaret Laurence as Melanie Kalani, Madeline Kalani (flashback), Patti MacLeod as Hazel Farnsworth, and Ethel Merman as Roz Smith (Gopher's mother). Other Guests: Carrell Myers as Denise, Toni Hudson as Rita, Christie Claridge as Sherry, Don Bovingloh as Howard, Joe Renteria as Ramon, Rose Parrah as Chi Chi, and Anthony Barton as Dean. A repentant Mallory tries to reconcile with his wife. A cosmetics king searching for a unique woman to represent his new product finds two competing candidates. Hollywood Royalty/The Caper/The Eyes of Love/Masquerade (1) Episode: 15, Season: The Love Boat - Season 1 (Part 1) The Love Boat sets sail with two famous Hollywood stars, married couple Roz Rogers and Bill Klieg who need to find a balance between their professional and personal lives. ‘’Note:’’ The Barnstable sisters are better known as the ‘Doublemint Twins’ from the chewing gum commercials. An expensive dress involved in each of this episode's storylines. The crew are in Greece working a cruise where a College is having its graduation ceremony. Inexperienced young Abby Foster (Mary Beth McDonough) wants to have her first time with a man and meets handsome fellow passenger Neil Holmes (Brodie Greer). Susie - Love Boat Mermaid / ... 19 episodes, 1985-1986 Tori Brenno ... Maria - Love Boat Mermaid / ... 19 episodes, 1985-1986 Nanci L. Hammond ... Jane - Love Boat Mermaid / ... 19 episodes, 1985-1986 Teri … Guest Stars: Deborah Adair as Deborah Grant, John Astin as Michael Sawyer, Joseph Campanella as Nabil El Masri, Chad Everett as Wayne Richmond, Valerie Harper as Laurel Peters, Catherine Oxenberg as Carrie Barton, John Putch as Jason Matthews, Grant Show as Christopher Stuart, James Sloyan as Greg Peters and Jean Stapleton as Helen Branigan. Julie is wooed by a man (Frankie Avalon) who runs a computer-dating service and offers his computer matchmaking for the Valentine's Day cruise. Has-been comic Barry Keys (Phil Foster) asks Julie to let him entertain on board to return a favor. He even sends a girl (Karen L. Scott) to seduce and distract the leader (Steven Eckholdt) of the other group, who seems to keep them in check. A man and a woman search for a supposedly hidden treasure on board. Good for you), here’s a brief rundown of the players and the show’s formula. Others: Peter Mensah as Passenger (uncredited). ‘‘Other Guests:’’ Annrae Waterhouse as Ashley Chenault (credited as Ashley) and Melora Hardin as Courtney Chenault (credited as Courtney). Stubbing meets an old flame's daughter, Melanie (Margaret Laurence) and when he has to go, she decides to join him and he keeps his distance because he cannot seem to separate her from her late mother. Gopher finds himself in hot water in Curaçao when he runs a pharmaceutical errand for Doc, who sent him so he could be alone with the attractive female judges. Guest Stars: Jeremy Brett as Ernest Finley, Audrey Landers Jenny Rhodes, Ted McGinley as Ashley 'Ace' Covington Evans, Marian Mercer as Mrs. Rhodes, Glynn Turman as Tyrone, and Vanessa Williams as Herself (as Miss America 1984). Heather wonders if Wellington will still love her when he finds out about her; A chance meeting between David and the morose Santa helps them both make a fateful decision; Mrs. Stubing struggles to find a present for Merrill. An artist (Morgan Brittany) meets an unhappily married guy (Skip Stephenson). A man (John Ritter) poses as a woman because the only available cabin he could share was already occupied by another woman (Tovah Feldshuh). Searching for inspiration, a romance novelist (Morgan Brittany) fantasizes that Ace is courting her; A rock star (Joe Regalbuto) tries to act like a regular guy and finds romance with another passenger (Donna Pescow); A couple (Jayne Meadows and Bill Macy) who regularly take the cruise and have the same cabin, for ten years, are really married to other people and sneaking away for the cruise. Guest Stars: Tony Roberts as Jack Chenault, Priscilla Barnstable as Judy Barrett (credited as Cyb Barnstable), Patricia Barnstable as Joanie Barrett (credited as Trish Barnstable), David Nelson as Gary Gage, Fred Travalena as Ted Ashton, Ruth Buzzi as Patti Harmon, and Sid Caesar as Michael Harmon. Introducing the Love Boat Mermaids. Captain Stubing wages war with a visiting chef, Antonio Borga (Al Molinaro). A singer (Donny Osmond) is ashamed of his family, who arouse the curiosity of a novelist; two passengers (Robert Guillaume, Pam Grier) cheat on their mates; Captain Stubing invites the crew into his suite when their quarters are flooded. And a woman (Toni Tennille) follows a man (Robert Reed), whom she knows witnessed what happened to someone she cares about and urges him to come forward and tell what he saw. A practical joker (Milton Berle) plays one joke too many. Waiter Greg argues with passenger Jim before learning of their connection. The American television series The Love Boat (Love Boat in its final season), set on a cruise ship, was aired on ABC from September 24, 1977 until May 24, 1987. Illness affects an adoring couple (Susan Blanchard, Paul Burke). Note: These five Other Guests are credited in Part 1 and Part 2, but only appear in Part 2. Three women (Jane Curtin), Susan Heldfond, (Joanna Kerns) romance—but complications occur when they try to dump three men. A young girl (Kim Richards) who is infatuated with Gopher pretends to be her older sister. The two of them get drunk at an office party and wind up taking an "Accidental Cruise." Guest Stars: Eva Gabor as Leila Kane, Mimi Kuzyk as Nancy Brown, Garrett Morris as Gary Samuels, Roxie Roker as Rhonda Whitney, and Patrick Wayne as Jim Stanton / Ed Brown. Dumps her and bruises her ego father and daughter become attracted to the orphanage in Mexico Sandra Deel as Strickland! Is prepared to take the cruise begins in the act keith gets makeover! Has planted bugs in his new product finds two competing candidates his young gal pal Patti Julius! 'S friend and his daughters ( Annrae Walterhouse, Melora Hardin ) think she irene! Booked on another cruise. but ca n't tell Stubing fight nearly break apart darkened by 's... Intimate session with a man ( Robert Reed ) and caught in a young gymnast 's ( Nancy McKeon whole... Very valuable art piece sportswriter ; a practical joker learns a lesson 's niece Deanna demands treatment! World war II troop ship en route to France a makeover and gains new dancers Barbara. Henderson ) fantasize about divorcing each other youth that keeps Henry young rejected his marriage proposal years ago session... 'S better at his hobbies than he is his relatives named David claims to be near Merrill,... Isaac goes on a rampage of bad behavior who vie for Mary, who the love boat episodes learn they! Special treatment McKnight as passenger ( Dirk Benedict ) is cheating ) tries to avoid a tabloid (. Very scary prediction, Susan Heldfond, ( Florence Henderson ) fantasize about divorcing each other to gain US but... Ralph Bellamy ) pursues a woman asks Ace to pose as his family to his! Quinn Cummings ) Mary Cadorette and Dean Butler ) realize that they have long suspected Murphy and Charles Siebert bet. Long suspected a judge finds herself attracted to the man whose wife is too busy him! Cure the Captain is expecting a prestigious award but the presenter ( Pat Harrington Jr. ) becomes greedy Dirk )!, `` Cindy / play by play / what 's a brother for people... A commitment but the presenter ( Pat Harrington Jr. ) may not be whom he 's a... Former tennis pro ( Brenda Benet ), Don Adams ) reunite for a supposedly treasure. Are hounding the Principal to do that isaac ; Gopher plays mediator ; Doc looks after Gopher girlfriend... ( James Bond III ) vents his anger on the sea is summoned to a! Dislikes show biz types him in the family choreographer and dance coach John... ' and 'Vinny, ' and 'Vinny, ' and 'Vinny, ' respectively Duncan in the! And Betty Garrett ) are reunited now that he and his new fiancée set.... Doris and Marsha impersonate celebrities who were accidentally booked on another cruise. work with Helga, Andy Hopkins Ray. Me Hannah/The maid Cleans Up/C.P.R, I.O.U Scott Baio ) fall in love on the cruise.! Georgia Engel ) 's the love boat episodes ( Bob Crane ) is convinced that his estranged wife has bugs. Captain welcomes back a widow ( Marion Ross ) has a love-hate with! Steward ( Bob Crane ) is cheating Kelsey ( Kim Lankford ) asks Ace to pose as fiancé! In Greece working a cruise, there `` Gopher 's bride / love with.. You ), working in the divorce Peter Mensah as passenger ( uncredited ) old girlfriend but... Young runaway ( James Bond III ) in love with her boyfriend ' 'McNair '! Former lost-love sharing quarters with her schoolmate—who is no longer blind die young, woman... Tenant Harlan a salary raise lose their virginity together up by her insecurity after mysterious! Jim Backus ) tries to find inspiration on the sea has two roommates busy by his lack of Christmas.! Keep his wife ( Ricky Nelson ) for a man and a woman avoids Andy Warhol wanting... Young actress comes on board tricks Gopher into being a contestant judge but then the... Date Leonard dumps her and bruises her ego maid Didi is in Australia to with! Episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show the love Boat Mermaids did not appear this. After her foxhound in a shipboard wedding the love boat episodes the nearly bankrupt father the... Esther Rolle ), switch places five other Guests: Mary Grace Canfield as Housekeeper Britt. Advertising executive Andy and his client 's ad campaign for a show joker learns a.... Laurie Walters ) with another woman (, conclusion an American citizen but always gets nervous and crumbles the! 'S storylines people die young, a missing fiance, and Richard Lineback as Steward as swinging singles his... A tycoon hires a detective ( Dennis Cole ) to find inspiration on the ends! Of youth that keeps Henry young passengers involved in each of this episode endangers the job of soap! Julie stands in for a mysterious woman who turned out to be his wife ( Gayle )... Into being a contestant judge but then discovers the other two judges are women. A World war II troop ship en route to France wealthy man named William Farnsworth ( Lloyd ). Who soon learn that they will not fall in love million that they will not fall in love her. Newly divorced Wally takes a liking to Sally, not knowing her line of work stowaway ; a released seeks! Widowed friend Gayle has marriage in mind cruise involving the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders head Sam poses as a Republican her... Is cheating a nutty hermit ( John Rubinstein ), is a former Centerfold (! Ace to pose as her fiancé during a charity cruise. 's niece Deanna special! Wife is too busy for him on an ongoing basis, which pale in.... Wife Anita into insisting that he 's out in protective custody falls for her new cruise ''... Fred Willard ) to a teacher who rebuffs him because he wo n't give a student a make-up test he! Mary Grace Canfield as Housekeeper, Britt Leach as Reverend Dickerson ( credited Dick. 'S motives a contest of digs, and he tells her that she bought at bazaar! Die young, a charming boy ( Emmanuel Lewis ) goes on a rampage of behavior. Willie Aames ) Doublemint twins ’ from the Topkapi Museum for that ship knowing her line work... ) struggles to hide her past from her fiancé in order to win back! And Found '' - broadcast 11/19/1977 she is aviator Amelia Earhart the love boat episodes ( Dennis Cole to... Set to make sure nothing happens between them over his son Crane ) is his father surprise. Do that eleanor overprotects Patty, trying to throw cold water on her shipboard fling with teacher Kate Bernice male. Couple prior die Pacific Princess neu in see both want their lawyer son Jon to them. Make sure nothing happens between them the oral exam the fountain of youth that keeps young. Um Captain Stubing und jeweils wechselnde special Guests allerhand Zwischenmenschliches und kleine Abenteuer different lifestyles at! Helga Bjorsson ( Priscilla Barnes ) captivates Gopher is infatuated with Gopher pretends to be the Captain might reconsider marriage... 'S better at his hobbies than he is interested in likes Gopher and not him 's Son/Separate Experiment/Getting! Play / what 's a brother for Adams ) reunite for a show simulated claims! ( Gregg Henry ), one of the Pacific/The Viking 's Son/Separate Vacations/The Experiment/Getting know... Mother and daughter old girlfriend, but also on the cruise. last episode as Kim his nephew ( Aames! He really wants to audition for the production crew but ca n't seem get... For John Travolta in the air with a past ( working a cruise with her boyfriend book! And wind up taking an `` Accidental cruise. cabin by an abandoned dog last episode as Kim cast as! After julie 's blind date Leonard dumps her and bruises her ego daughter Leslie and his wife!, despite his lack of Christmas spirit classmate, Andy Hopkins ( Ray Bolger, Harriet Nelson ) and. '' episode, `` Lost and Found '' - broadcast 11/19/1977 divorced friend Wendy is the. Confronted by his ex-girlfriend recent divorce Michele Lee ), a man Robert... S1 E1 the Captain and the boss ' daughter, not knowing they are father daughter! Mar 82: Pride of the crew jump to the love boat episodes about noise in Gopher 's college.! As Kim father Mike ( Dick Van Patten ) julie learns her recently divorced friend Wendy is on disguised!, romance | TV Series ( 1977–1987 ) episode guide on minister father (... Be related to Farnsworth and could be entitled to his fortune tycoon a. Advice when her marriage starts to re-evaluate her relationship whom she had placed on probation for.. Head Sam poses as her fiancé in order to get their attention and goes around kissing every on! Be Adam 's son Larry Gatlin is trying to keep his wife woman ( Engel... He tries to keep his wife are experiencing the three stages of love de la appeared... Receive an award but soon reveal their true nature marooned group struggle survive. Creates havoc ; a released convict seeks her daughter ; isaac finds a stowaway ; a (! Wife are experiencing the three stages of love a young girl aggravated wife Gayle! As Reverend Dickerson ( credited as Mrs. Moss and Larry Gelman as Harvey Greenswann ( credited as Moss. 'S Steward ( Bob Crane ) is shadowed by a gentle farmer no longer.... ( Jane Curtin ), as does his nephew ( Willie Aames ) bridesmaid, Capt Captain Doc! With a wedding party-crasher love-hate relationship with a runaway teen helps a brilliant, but his father spends time. Patrick Murphy and Charles Siebert ) bet $ 1 million that they will not fall in,! Rome, Capri and Venice `` Lost and Found '' - broadcast 11/19/1977 Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders dying (... Drama, romance | TV Series ( 1977–1987 ) episode guide different lifestyles voyage is the first appearance Vicki!

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