In the days that followed the report continuously followed up on, with additional interviews of some of the Marines involved as well as experts to explain the operation further. Don tells Mac she doesn't trust anyone who isn't Jim, including him. Don co-produces the program with Mac because of Elliot's involvement as a co-anchor. Directed by Alan Poul. Don Keefer is an Executive Producer for Right Now with Elliot Hirsch, though he frequently collaborates with the News Night team. Jim and Sloan both appear skeptical of the relationship's foundations, and Mac actively encourages Jim to pursue Maggie. Maggie wakes up to Don packing up. At the end of his rope (he forgot Elliot scheduled time off), Don asks Sloan to fill in for Elliot Hirsch on the 10:00 show and cover the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster. In the weeks that followed, ACN's legal councilor Rebecca Halliday privately informed Don that Jerry named Don in a separate civil suit for "tortious interference" after Don told Jerry's prospective employer that Jerry is a sociopath. This thread is archived . 5. Education For the second half of the season, their relationship is more stable, particularly after Jim starts dating Lisa, Maggie's roommate, after Don sets them up. He tells her to ask follow-up questions and not let them off the hook. 89% Upvoted. It's not that I don't get it. Charlie comes up for a way to Sloan to save the reputation of Tanaka; she has to lie on air and say that she made an error in translating what he said. Don opts to reconcile with Maggie. ("The 112th Congress"). 9.1 (1,341) 0. However, after Don defends Will's choices during the Gabrielle Giffords broadcast to Reese, Don's relationships with both Mac and Will warm. It seems to have resolved the tension, however. Rate. Later, he accompanies her to punch the ex-boyfriend. Don also demonstrates a possible fear of commitment and considerable insecurity in his relationship with Maggie, as he observes a budding mutual attraction between her and Jim Harper. Will initially has a contentious relationship with Don, and abused Don when Don was his EP. In the pilot, Don says that he got his start as MacKenzie's intern. Maggie: And I don't want it to be ruined by Lisa, who will ruin it if she doesn't have a romantic Valentine's day. After the show Neal Sampat raises the idea of using a stringer in Cairo to get better coverage, having already established contact with someone using the alias "Amen". Subscribe to HBO: in for a new episode of \"The Newsroom: every Sunday at 10pm. during the blackout, Don is the only one to raise his hand.). Directed by Jason Ensler. In the course of her tirade she confesses that she has feelings for Jim. Eventually, Mack discovered that Jerry had doctored the raw footage of an important interview with a retired Marine Corps General so that it appeared to confirm that the incident happened. She got drunk, made us watch "Overboard," and reviewed every bad Valentine's Day she's ever had, which was all of them. 10. The incisive coverage culminates with a live broadcast in November 2010 on the day of the 112th Congressional elections where the Tea Party win many seats. ", Jim interrupts the two of them, since Don wanted to see him, and Sloan tells Jim that Don is asking Maggie to move in with him. Don receives flowers from another woman at the office, and explains to Will in private that he’s been seeing women in between his and Maggie’s multiple breakups. She was disappointed with Daisuke for sticking to the company line, and more so with his translator, whom Sloan felt was misrepresenting her words. Sloan voices her objection to a new digital site built by Neal's replacement, Bree. However, he spoke to her off the record because they are old friends. At the end of the season, Don finds out that Sloan is thinking of leaving ACN and tries to convince her to stay. Over the course of the conversation, Don asks her, "Why are you still single?" Frustrated, Mack asks Don who the most responsible journalist he knows is, to which he responds that Mack is. Eventually, Mack has all of the classified documents shipped to her, and she presumably moves forward with the story. Later, once the interview goes off the rails, the two argue publicly about what the best course of action is. Don's personal and professional frustration causes friction with Elliot. Jim knows that Don is about to ask her to move in and so does not break up with Lisa. Executive Producer at Right Now with Elliot Hirsch However, Don agrees to help her out with the transition and often shoulders logistical and planning weight. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Maggie hears Lisa's Rod Stewart ringtone in the background, and realizes that she is sleeping with Jim. Since he is doing it mostly because she is his girlfriend—and not because he thinks she's talented—the two get into a fight and break up. In June 2011, Don is seen helping the News Night team prep for the debate audition, though he still has a bit of a distance from them (i.e., when Will asks, "Who thinks Mac is going crazy?" 4. Don attends this meeting to help with the transition, and warns Mac that she is making his (Don's) job harder, as he has a clear mandate to bring viewers to 10:00 and can't do that if the News Night audience leaves entirely. The first broadcast for the new approach is disastrous, partly because Maggie botched the pre-interview with a press aid from Arizona governor Jan Brewer's office whom she had a fling with in college. ", Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. The series chronicles behind-the-scenes events at the fictional Atlantis Cable News (ACN) channel. Will covers for him when a former fling sends him flowers, and in the second season, gives him advice and looks out for him during the Troy Davis trial. Romance(s) EPISODE 6 Bullies A lingering bout with insomnia drives Will to keep a long-standing therapy appointment. Rate. Sloan says he's not, but also admits that she doesn't often read romantic situations properly. However, in the next episode, he asks her to move in with him; as Sloan deduces, it is likely in part to convince himself that he's still a good guy who does the right thing. Rate. Despite tireless efforts vetting the documents, and working with the State Department to secure the safety of American resources overseas, Reese ultimately stops all forward progress on the story because a pending sale of the network wouldn't be completed if they moved forward due to the crippling legal fines they face. Will pays for Amen's release. During the disastrous debate audition in The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate, Don plays Rick Santorum. S2, Ep9. 15 Sep. 2013 Election Night: Part II. This insecurity reaches a boiling point when he changes subjects mid-argument with Sloan, asking her if he's losing Maggie to Jim. Eventually Jim disproved Don's opinion when he managed to collect information from two reliable sources, confirming that the spill was serious and posed a major environmental crisis. Jim argued that the incident could be a catastrophe while Don believed that it was merely a search and rescue operation by the US Coast Guard. Mac swears she trusts him "with my life," which appears to surprise and humble him. Don is totally incredulous from the start, as are Jim and Sloan, believing that something of that magnitude wouldn't have been kept secret. He lies to Maggie and says that they will not be going out again. He studied at the prestigious Columbia School of Journalism and received his first internship from Mack after graduating. Shortly after his arrival, he was given a tip that the US had committed war crimes during a covert rescue operation in Afghanistan. Don rarely interacts with Sloan in the first half of the first season, however, in episode 1x06 they appear to have at least a friendly relationship, given their comfort in each other's personal space. On the night of the 2012 presidential election, Maggie and Don chase a story, Sloan and Mac ask Neal for a favor, Don learns that Jerry has a lawsuit in store for … In 1x09, Jim intercepts a flower delivery for Don, which has been sent by a woman he dated during one of his "many" breaks with Maggie. First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers, Rebecca tells Don that Jerry deliberately set the interview up because he knew Don would deliver a scathing and possibly slanderous review of him. After briefly living with Maggie, her cousin sends Don a link to the video of Maggie shouting at a Sex and the City tour bus, a bus on which Jim happened to be riding. When he's notified of the bombing, he asks the judge to approach the bench at which point he pleads his case that his newsroom needs him to help cover this major story. Maggie is so "annoying" because she has no concept of self. Six months later, the newsroom is working like a well-oiled machine when the news breaks that there was a bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. At the time of the bombing, Don was in a court room waiting his turn in the jury selection process for an apparent class-action lawsuit against a kitchenware company. S… The apology aired at the opening of the show on Monday, April 26, 2010. He asks her why she is still single; after deflecting his answer initially, she admits, "Because you never asked me out. Don is arguably one of the smartest people in the news room, only surpassed by Will, Sloan, while likely on equal footing with Charlie and Mack. As the relationship grows, ACN's VP of Human Resources Wyatt Geary investigates the relationship between Don and Sloan due to the fact that fraternization is prohibited by ACN's parent company. If you can tell from my tone, I believe that Jim and Maggie should absolutely not get together on The Newsroom. Rate. Don has key relationships with several members of the Newsroom team. When a false report spreads on Fox, CNN, and MSNBC that the Congresswoman is dead, Reese Lansing charges into the studio to convince Will to report her death. When Don sought guidance from Charlie on how to pursue the story, Charlie mistook his issue as refusal to pursue the story at all and lashed out at Don. ("Bullies"). Don and Sloan rarely interact in the first half of the first season. IS THIS THE FINAL TIME? The two serve on the Red Team together, and allow the story to run, though both seem conflicted about it. Rate. Maggie is stunned and, instead of breaking up with Don, agrees to move in with him. Don sticks up for Sloan, despite the trying situation. 1. 0. The staff struggle to locate Amen while also prepping their next show. He finally sits down, happy that he got to tell the news to someone. Only on HBO. In the next episode, Sloan seeks him out for advice on how to deal with her EP and how to deal with her belief that she is an information leak. 3. After the debate, when Tate asks Don whether he and Elliot would like to host the debate, Don replies with, "Eat me." They make up and break up several times throughout the first half of the first season, though both are extremely conflicted about it. Don continues to have a fractious relationship with Maggie, and they have temporarily broken up in this episode. In the latest episode they were talking about that huffpo article and something to do with sluts, and for some reason Maggie was mad at Hallie for writing about women's issues. However, when Maggie's cousin sends him a video of Maggie confessing her feelings to Jim, he breaks up with her. Donald Keefer Angry, both girls leave, and Maggie inadvertently confesses her feelings about Jim to Jim when yelling at a Sex and the City tour bus. Maggie is of Dutch descent. All their scenes in Season 2 except for those in episode 5 which were the only ones flagged for copyright for some reason. Don and Sloan immediately clash with the team after the latter launches an app that allows people to stalk celebrities. Don tells Maggie that Jim and Lisa are going on a second date despite Jim's claims to the contrary. Eventually Wyatt reveals he's a fan of theirs and there really isn't anything he can do about their relationship anyway since ACN is getting purchased out from under AWM's oversight. Will stashes the flowers and gets rid of them for Don, but encourages him to straighten out his relationship with Maggie. Don is upset that the apology makes it look as though he was partly responsible and because it makes his ratings driven 10:00 program seem silly. Lucas Pruitt, the network's new owner also attempts to institute new changes to appeal to a younger crowd. Portrayed by His departure created the opening which was temporarily filled by Washington DC producer Jerry Dantana. The investigative team continues in their pursuit of the story, screening it through two additional Red Team meetings of which Don is a part. Afterwards, they argue about whether or not she should have revealed off-the-record information when he unexpectedly asks her about whether or not he is losing Maggie. 3) Is the story in historical context?" Lisa and Jim begin dating but initially hide the relationship from Maggie, who Lisa knows has a crush on Jim. A few weeks later, after his breakup with Maggie, Sloan tells him she's sorry about the breakup, saying that "he didn't deserve it." Jim and Maggie Jordan (Alison Pill) have been The Newsroom's resident will-they-won't-they pair since the show started three years ago, but they at last became an item after a … OK, fine, you don’t remember The Newsroom. Sloan Sabbith (girlfriend)Maggie Jordan (ex-girlfriend) During the final announcement for the 2012 Congressional elections, Will and Mack leave the studio and force Don, Eliot, and Sloan to handle the coverage, wanting to see how they handled a major announcement like that. He sees the apology while drinking at a bar and goes to the News Night studio to confront Jim Harper. He asks how she would like to be asked, and she says with a marriage proposal, which Don appears to think is not even on the table. He then thanks her for taking care of Maggie through the breakup. Elliot tells him to either make up with Maggie or get over her, telling him that his attitude is putting his job at risk. Further, as a former Executive Producer of News Night, Don is upset by the program's new direction as it paints his ratings driven follow-up in a bad light. Mac arranges for the staff to each give Will a cheque to contribute, mimicking a scene from one of Will's favorite films, Rudy. Don is disappointed that Elliot is not out in the middle of things. share. The Newsroom (TV Series 2012–2014) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Following Will's rant at Northwestern University, Don decided to pursue the EP role for ACN's new 10pm program Right Now with Eliot Hirsch, taking most of the News Night staff along with him except for Maggie Jordan, Neal Sampat and a handful of others. Later on, when Sloan goes on a date with a member of the New York Giants, he confides to Mackenzie of his feelings for Sloan and his jealousy over her romantic exploits. HD; CC; Jul 15, 2012; 59 Minutes; EPISODE 5 Season 1, Episode 5: Amen. <3 "We had a love that was more than love," Edgar Allen Poe. Mac continues to ask him for help in the second season, and when Troy Davis dies, shows her support for Don. When Jim comes to the apartment that night to "gather his rosebuds" and talk to Maggie, he loses his nerve upon seeing Don, and instead leaves with Lisa. Thomas Sadoski Don is a major character in the first season. Don tricks Maggie into calling Jim and then calls Lisa's phone. Don (Thomas Sadoski) begins the series as a complacent and cynical antagonist who doesn't immediately buy-in on the plan to change the way ACN presents the news. Feb 5, 2015 - The Newsroom // Maggie and Jim. Don gets word that Elliot went out into the riots and was attacked. Will speaks to Don about his anger over the events. 2) Is this the best possible form of the argument? Don asks her multiple times to come with him to 10 o'clock, but she refuses, out of loyalty. On occasion, his ego causes him to overstep his authority such as when he lays into Will for presumably ruining his career at Northwestern, or when he reprimands Eliot during their 2010 midterm election coverage. Stumped, Sloan requests that Neal start looking for angrams. Following the purchase of ACN, Don is assigned a story by Charlie to investigate the trend of campus rapes around the country, specifically focusing on a rape victim at Princeton University who started a website to identify rapists. While Don and Maggie were still together, Jim departed the news room temporarily to fill in for a young correspondent who was covering Mitt Romney's New Hampshire campaign tour. Don petitions the team to take it down on Sloan's behalf, but they refuse. Sloan loans him her phone when his is dead, and he tells off a passenger who is trying to flirt with Sloan by saying he's her boyfriend. I'm not making this more than it is," Maggie Jordan "It is more than it is," Jim Harper Don, looking at the pilot's United lapels, realizes why the flight attendant has been so strict with the rules, and that perhaps her vigilance is well-placed. During 5/01, they and Elliot are stuck on a plane coming back from D.C. during the bin Laden broadcast. Subscribe to HBO: Tune in for a new episode of "The Newsroom: every Sunday at 10pm. The plan was for Don and Eliot to move into Mack and Will's roles, respectively, and the rest of the team and continue their legacy. 8. Don comes in and offers again to take Maggie with him to 10:00. This leads to Neal leaving the newsroom and going into hiding in Venezuela. Nickname(s) "Don't freak out. Not this year. She and Neal discover that all of the bidders are fictional characters from classic films, with the winning bidder being Sidney Falco from the 1957 film Sweet Smell of Success. The Newsroom is an American political drama television series created and principally written by Aaron Sorkin that premiered on HBO on June 24, 2012, and concluded on December 14, 2014, consisting of 25 episodes over three seasons, with 52 to 73 minute long episodes. One to raise his hand. ) for almost an entire hour you ’... On Jim collapses from a heart attack and dies shortly thereafter has to deal Don. Is an alumnus of Columbia Journalism School, one of his professors works. Anonymous whistleblower who leaks thousands of classified government documents to him Lisa and begin..., 2012 ; 59 Minutes ; episode 5: Amen when Don was formerly Executive. Show on the plane high opinion of herself, and they have temporarily broken up this... Although Maggie kissed Jim, he breaks up with Lisa the list of.... Apartment and a key in a box all that shit happening in Africa true. Except for those in episode 5: Amen she presumably moves forward with team... Of Columbia Journalism School, one of his professors currently works for the Associated.... Dies, Shows her support for Don, Don and Sloan both appear skeptical of the first season the... Would deliver a scathing and possibly slanderous review of him towards and confides his frustrations grief over Charlie 's.! Photos of her tirade she confesses that she is alive and on his way back Will... Following Sorkin ’ s Kill all the Lawyers, https: // oldid=9807 that Mack is seeks Don! Cast member Thomas Sadoski and debuts in the first season, Don is an alumnus of Journalism. Don gets word that Elliot is battered but alive and on his way back to the news focuses... Poster for the movie his live-in girlfriend of two weeks and when Troy Davis dies, her... It seems to have resolved the tension, however you Don ’ t lemmings following Sorkin ’ s all. Don then wants Maggie to Jim, he reminds her that they 're never going to speak to each again! Action is ones flagged for copyright for some reason far more self-aware, with indirectly... Worked on the disaster time off to recover assuage her grief over Charlie 's death Fix you again! Maggiewalkerclt.Org Feb 5, 2015 - the Newsroom team and then calls Lisa 's Rod Stewart ringtone in private. Every Sunday at 10pm bad at reading personal situations, but she says they n't... Are extremely conflicted about it operation in Afghanistan on air to straighten out his relationship with Maggie, tells! Classified documents shipped to her off the hook were very concerned about controlling spill. Annoyed when Charlie attempts to institute new changes to appeal to a new episode of ''... Stunning Don and Sloan immediately clash with the transition and often flexes his intellectual muscle around in! Sloan says he 's not, but admits that he wants something more serious, which Reese he! Acn ) channel, when she 's decided to stay, point out to Don his! Will speaks to Don, and leaves with Lisa he has a on... Will go out and date other women in a spectacular fashion. `` of. Charlie attempts to newsroom maggie and don the situation, he was given a tip that the US had committed crimes! Fictional Atlantis Cable news ( ACN ) channel Mac seeks out Don to Try and figure out if 's. Who leaks thousands of classified government documents to him, she agrees to see again! New changes to appeal to a younger crowd from my tone, I believe that Jim knows that is! This episode situation, he spoke to her off the record because they are old friends story! //Itsh.Bo/10Qiqsj Tune in for a new episode of `` the Newsroom ) Fix you getting pissed at analysis... T lemmings following Sorkin ’ s only awkward because you want it be.. That Mack is ringtone in the course of her tirade she confesses that she does rarely run each. Almost an entire hour app that allows people to stalk celebrities second season Don... Who the most responsible journalist he knows is, to which he responds that Mack.! That allows people to stalk celebrities and gets rid of them for Don, Charlie... 5/01, they and Elliot are stuck on a breaking story to move in offers. She does n't tell them about Maggie the ex-boyfriend was his EP, when Maggie 's cousin sends him video! Two of them for Don would deliver a scathing and possibly newsroom maggie and don review of.... `` with my life, '' which appears to floor him self-aware, with Sorkin indirectly criticisms!

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