I suggest renting all 6 of them because you’ll need them. Green Chocobo – The Green Chocobo can climb hills and mountains. On the other hand, his sister Chole will record the info you get from the Chocobo Sage and relate it to you on request. A character who uses “Mime” copies the exact action/magic/summon the last character did, even if he/she doesn’t have the required Materia equipped. Feeding Chocobos – Feeding your Chocobos makes them stronger, by raising their status. Trust me, just summon your Chocobo instead of walking. The Chocobo side quests are much easier later in the game once you have reached Disc 3. In order to get to that area, enter the Northern Crater, and keep going down. To get that, hop on your Golden Chocobo (doesn’t that sound cool?) If your chocobo has an injury, the VCS Trainer will tell you your chocobo has become injured. Addition information regarding the Chocobo Lure Materia: A rank 3 (3 stars) Chocobo Lure Materia doubles your chances of encountering a Chocobo over a 1-star Materia. Onion being fed as a reward yielded the same EXP as I get from Mimmet Gourd. Feeding your chocobos 1 green instead of 99 is more effective. To get those, go to the Chocobo Sage’s house (near the Icicle Inn on the northern continent of the world map) and buy 10 Sylkis Greens (50,000 gil total). Now feed this Chocobo about 25 Sylkis Greens and race it to S rank. The gender is chosen randomly (50/50 chance of being a male/female) when you examine the captured Chocobo at the Chocobo Farm for the first time. Go to the building on the right, talk to the little kid in there (Choco Billy), and select “Moving Chocobos”. You can also win some pretty awesome prizes via winning races. You only need 1 Zeio Nut, by the way. If, for some reason, you’ve forgotten how to catch a Chocobo, allow me to refresh your memory. In this guide, we’ll show you how to feed chocobos in FFXV. Now that Final Fantasy 15 is finally out, don't forget your chocobo friends! Feeding is fairly simple. To catch her, go to the Chocobo tracks near Mideel, or the ones near Rocket Town, equip the Chocobo Lure Materia and try to catch her. To help you with this, feed your chocobos lots of Sylkis and Reagan Greens to improve their stats (you can buy both from the Chocobo Sage). There are plenty more goods you can obtain, mostly by winning Chocobo races at the Gold Saucer, like Counter Attack Materia, Enemy Lure Materia, Enemy Away Materia, Cat’s Bell, Precious Watch, Chocobraclet, Megalixirs, HP <=> MP Materia, Hero Drinks, TONS of Gold Saucer GP and many, many more…. Equip the Materia on a double growth weapon / armor, and fight the monsters around the forests near Mideel. If you accidentally hit him, he’ll get emotional and run away. It is split into 7 areas (since there are 7 different Chocobo tracks around the world map), and in each area you can see which monsters can accompany the Chocobo, and what type will the Chocobo be. Required fields are marked *, Eastern European fairy tales often combine beautiful fiction,…, Almost everything about this strange hybrid game defies…, Being more engaging, more polished, and far more…, Crimson Agate is a new collectible in Genshin…. © 2002-2020 Mike’s Chocobo Breeding Guide. Obtaining Chocobo Greens: Jen Karner. Now for a somewhat annoying part: You will need to catch a Wonderful Chocobo. So there's the obvious 1% of total exp to next level by stabling it and feeding it hourly. Some suggestions on how to easily farm Gil: The second thing you’ll need is some Chocobo stables. Your characters gain different temporary boosts depending on what they eat when you camp. Once your Chocobo is safely stabled, you will be able to feed it snacks by choosing the "Tend to My Chocobo" option. At this point we would like to breed these two Chocobos (Good male, Great female) again, however, we need to wait for them to rest and recover. If you’re on disc 2, the best way would probably be to level up an “All” Materia to “MASTER”. After you’ve caught your Chocobo, press [Cancel] to get off of him and choose to send him back to the stables. The way you change your Chocobo’s feathers are by feeding it fruits while it’s stabled. Regardless of how you choose to race your Chocobo, after 3 wins (they don’t have to be consecutive wins), your Chocobo will have moved up a class. When you make camp, you get to choose which dish you want Ignis to prepare for the party. Make sure it is a Male Chocobo! Thav. Placing in free runs is one way for players to earn the chocobucks necessary for participating in official races and purchasing items at the Chocobuck Exchange Centers. You should obtain 3 Carob Nuts that way. Nevertheless, you can still beat Joe and his Chocobo, but it might be not as easy as beating other opponents. Final Fantasy VII’s (probably) most intricate side quest is the Chocobo breeding quest. This means that if, for example, you have just bred a Great Female (B Class) with a Good Male (B Class), you may get either a Green or a Blue Chocobo. The best way to beat him is to dash in front of him, block him and try to prevent him from passing you. She’ll ask you to choose the Chocobo you want to race (only the ones that you’ve moved into the Chocobo stables!). 1. You can find him on the area near Bone Village. Basic chocobo feed is found at the following vendors: San d'Orian Carrots can be purchased at Ronfaure regional merchants, cooking guild merchants in Windy Waters, and Aveline in South Sandy. You will see a message that your chocobo is beginning to grow new feathers each time the colour changes as you feed, this confirms that your chocobo will be a different colour in 6 hours. Talk to Choco Billy and select “Releasing Chocobos”. Gosu Noob Copyright © 2012-2020 All Rights Reserved. Training sessions will stockpile, so it’s okay to save up for better food if you want … Go to the Chocobo Farm, enter the building on the left, talk to the man in there (Choco Bill) and rent yourself six Chocobo stables (60,000 Gil total). Green Chocobo: 57. In order to breed your Chocobos, speak with Choco Billy and select “Breeding Chocobos”. Do note that after a few turns, if you haven’t killed all the monsters around him, the Chocobo will run away. Leafy fodder prefered by chocobos. Go to Choco Billy and select “Moving Chocobos” in order to see your Chocobo’s type and gender. 58. On Automatic Mode, the Chocobo runs and acts on his own so you don’t need to control him, but he might act foolishly (run in zigzags, waste stamina too early, etc’). The player must now head outside to fight eight random battles, then save next to the farm again and hard reset the game. These caves cannot be accessed with the Highwind! For the Carob Nut, you’ll need to fight a red dragon called Vlakorados and steal the Carob Nut from it. September 2019 – Thanks to feedback from Donald Newburn, added information about a bug when mating a Black and a Wonderful Chocobo (the Black Chocobo needs to be selected first). You can rent them at the Chocobo Farm (disc 2 onward – after leaving the Great Glacier). Return to Gold Saucer and race your Green and Blue Chocobo until each one is at class A (you’ll need to win with each Chocobo 6 times). She’ll ask you with which Chocobo you will be participating the race, and what will be the length of the race. His house is located in the world map, at the northern continent near the Icicle Inn (see pic). Chocobo feed can be expensive, but if you know a few tricks you can minimize the gil you pour into your bird(s). You’ll be asked with what kind of nut you want to make them breed. You must feed all of the recommended fruits in one feeding and cycle through the different fruits as you feed. While this may seem as an unnecessary topic, I believe it should be covered. Watch Queue Queue. And since the gender is randomized, all you need is to try a few loads until you get your wanted gender. A language teacher and video game enthusiast turned rogue, Joe is on a quest to become the ultimate gaming journalist. There are 8 different types of Chocobos that can be caught, the higher the rank, the better potential your Chocobo will have. Assuming you figured out which ‘type’ you need, based on the preceding chapter you would travel to one of the 7 Chocobo tracks and try to catch a Chocobo. These optional bosses pack a whopping 1,000,000 HP and 800,000 HP respectively, and prove quite a challenge for an unprepared team. By. Obtaining Chobobo Nuts: Repeat with more Good/Great combos to get the other color in the other gender. August 2007 – Wow, I had no idea this guide was getting traction. Around 30 Sylkis Greens should be enough to max out his stats. By having the Materia acquired through this quest, you’ll find your team practically unbeatable. Once you’ve fed them greens and selected them, confirm you want to breed them and give them a Carob Nut. Learn tips and tricks for how to race, level, customize and otherwise win at life with chocobos in our guide after the jump. Home » Final Fantasy XV » How to Feed Chocobos in FFXV, Your email address will not be published. Well, they’re the best for raising your Chocobos’ status, so you better use’em! Keep feeding until there is no improvement in the chocobo (generally takes around 40 of either Sylkis or Reagan Greens). ... More posts from the ffxiv community. Click "view feeding order" below to see the recommended order. by talking to Choco Billy and selecting “Riding Chocobos”. Added information about Chocobo Lure materia, and the effects of different Greens when trying to catch a Chocobo. Goblin Island is found on the North-East area of the world map, it’s a small island shown on the map. A comprehensive FAQ coveringFinal Fantasy VII’s Chocobo breeding quest, Written by: Mike Eyal This Chocobo will be your best friend and your only means of achieving the strongest Materia in the game. In order to breed a blue & green chocobo, the player will need to boost the stats of the chocobo through feeding them greens and will need to repeatedly race them at the Gold Saucer. They can also be told to stay, follow, or wander via right-clicking with a Chocopedia. * Luck? When you reach the first split, take the left turn. I was 14 when I originally wrote this guide, and English is not my native language. Using a Thav. Once you return to the farm, you can speak to Choco Billy (the kid, located at the shed on the right), and select “Moving Chocobos”. This information is only here for completeness’ sake. Remember to hold down the Button and Button on the PlayStation controller to slowly refill your Chocobo’s stamina meter. 10 Dec 2016 4 ffxiv chocobo leveling guide On enero 12, 2021, Posted by , in Sin categoría, With No Comments Posted by , in Sin categoría, With No Comments As a matter of fact, it is considered one of the most complicated quests in the entire Final Fantasy series. ☆Chocobo Color (Guide) [Chocobo Color] [Comments Welcome] Public How to get these fruits. Colored Chocobos have special abilities, detailed on the next section. For example: Cloud’s turn is on, and he’s using KotR. The Gold Saucer divides Chocobos into 4 classes: C (the lowest), B , A and S (the highest). Remember the Sylkis Greens I told you about? He can cross mountains as well as rivers and shallow water. 2. However, there is one annoying little issue…. Next up comes Cid, which uses Mime and summons another KotR on the enemy, without equipping the KotR Materia himself. Your email address will not be published. Sending chocobos on hunts costs some Heart, which can be restored by feeding Pahsana Greens in the Feed Chocobos section of Clasko's menu: 10 Heart for each 1 Pahsana Green. In addition, I have added some information regarding the RNG bug. In this Chocobo Racing guide, we will discuss both major parts of the whole system: Breeding, Training, Feeding (everything about Raising) Chocobos is discussed in page 1 of this guide. Race the Black and the Wonderful Chocobo until both are at class A. Last update: September 2019. In that six hour time window, any fruits fed to the companion will be added to the cumulative value change. Tweet on Twitter. The Chocobo is an ostrich-like mob that is capable of semi-flight added by Torojima's Chococraft mod, of which it is the main focus. printing and/or selling it), and may not be published without my authorization. These stats are important for Chocobo racing (covered further below). A high-ranked Chocobo Lure Materia should increase your chance of encountering Chocobos. Child Chocobos (Chocobos which were just born) – 3 to 18 battles before they have matured and can be bred. At L10 with Sylkis Greens… you’ll see… Speaking of which… FFXV Chocobos: Levels & Rewards | Wiz Sidequests | Colors | Races | Greens The real cap seems to vary between different Chocobos and there’s some randomization involved as well. If money isn’t an issue, go ahead and buy 80+ of those. 16th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon. Feed that one around 10 of your Sylkis Greens until its stats discontinue rising and then travel to Gold Saucer to win 4 races with that Chocobo. Generally, what you do in the quest is catch Chocobos, raise them, feed them, race them, and then breed them. Additionally, when riding any type of Chocobo (no matter what kind), the enemy encounter rate drops to zero (which means you won’t meet any enemies, as long as you’re on your Chocobo). ☆R10 And Higher If your chocobo is Rank 10 or higher, you will need to give it Thavnairian Onion. Every Rank you gain, you’ll get one training session to use to feed your chocobo. Now that you know that each Chocobo has a type (Poor, Wonderful, etc’), a gender (male or female) and a class (Class C,B,A and S) you will be able to understand the following formulas. For example, if you pair Quadra Magic along with Bahamut, when you use Bahamut in battle you will summon it 4 times, at the MP cost of 1 summon. Blue Chocobo: 10 Sylkis Greens Keep feeding until there is no improvement in the chocobo (generally … Just level up your Chocobo to the S-Class (should really be a piece of cake). First of all, you will need a hefty amount of money (more than 300,000 Gil), before you even start. They’re faster than Regalia, it feels. Great Female (B Class) + Good Male (B Class) + Carob Nut = Green Chocobo, Blue Chocobo: After you select Feeding Chocobos you’ll be asked with what kind of Greens you want to feed your Chocobo. Players need to complete My Feisty Little Chocobo and have access to a House. You’ll probably want to grab some popcorn however, because 8 castings of Bahamut Zero would take a while. Temporarily boosts all chocobo’s abilities. Once a Chocobo is mounted, it may be dismounted by right-clicking.The Chocobo Saddle can be crafted using Leather, String, and a Chocobo Feath… After the Chocobo moves in, you’ll see his gender. The available colours for your Chocobo are (most of) the same ones that you can dye your in game clothing. 2% if you and a friend feed it. Am hoping they’ll give us another cool Chocobo quest! The reason for this is quite simple. If you are unsatisfied with the result, you can always reset the game, and try breeding again (just remember – save before breeding!). In the S-Class you can win some great prizes like: Precious Watch, Counter Attack, Enemy Lure Materia, Enemy Away Materia, Chocobo Bracelet, Cat’s Bell, Megalixirs, Hero Drinks and many more. It is imperative that you do not hurt the Chocobo! There have been many discussions on the matter, and this seems to stem from a bug with the game’s internal RNG mechanism. Addition information regarding the Greens used to catch a Chocobo: The Chocobo Farm sells all kinds of greens, some are cheap and some are not. Moving up a class means encountering tougher opponents but also better prizes. You'll know if a chocobo is maxed on experience when its \"Rank\" and \"Exp Value\" in the Companion Details window changed to a different color. The Wonderful Chocobo will appear with one or two Jumpings by his side, like this: Since all of the 6 stables you’ve rented are taken, I suggest releasing the Good Male and the Great Female Chocobos, in order to make room for the Gold Chocobo you’re about to have. Your chocobo will max out its level when it reaches rank 10. Anyways, feed every Chocobo twenty Sylkis Greens then pick a male and female you want to breed; again, either two Great Chocobos, two Good Chocobos, or a Great and a Good. What the hell? Chocobos can be controlled if the player places a Chocobo Saddle on the Chocobo. Random Number Generator bug: For many players, it appears that they always seem to be getting a Green Chocobo, no matter how many times they have tried reloading the game. specific Chocobos, and the purpose of this guide is to pinpoint the RNG value needed to produce the "best" possible outcome for each stage of the breeding process. More info on that later. Page 2 will be detailing the Racing Side (Tracks, Strategy and other race related information) Feeding one Krakka Green to any chocobo increases the value by 1. ( the gizar things ) Title < > Showing 1-5 of 5 comments . For the purposes of travel, Level 9 Chocobo seems to be enough. The player has to be careful not to exceed 255 or go below 0 in any of the three RGB values, or the change will fail. A simple visual guide for breeding for a gold chocobo. Zeio Nut – You can steal the Zeio Nut from Goblin, a cute little midget found on Goblin Island’s forest. If it doesn’t, you’re more than welcome to e-mail me your suggestions for further improving this guide. If you get the right Chocobos, feed them the right Greens and Nuts, improve them enough through racing, and have a bit of luck, you might just get a rare type of Chocobo that can cross various terrains! Each color of Chocobo has its own special traits and abilities. If you’re the kind of player who’s interested in glamour, I’m betting that probably extends to your Chocobo companion as well, and you’d prefer to give them a stylish look that complements your own attire. If money isn’t a consideration, feel free to further feed your Chocobo with Greens. Page 2 will be detailing the Racing Side (Tracks, Strategy and other race related information) The initial max rank of your Chocobo is 10 but can be raised 1 rank (to a maximum of 20) by feeding them a Thavnairian Onion (note that they will gain zero EXP until their rank limit is raised). This section sums up all the above information into direct instructions on how to get a Golden Chocobo, and collecting the neat rewards. In any case. Also added some Chocobo racing tips. You can use the "R1 R2" cheat while racing (holding these buttons down will refill your stamina) to help you win. If your chocobo has caught a cold the VCS trainer will recommend you bring it some Tokopekko Wildgrass. After the six hours has passed, and provided the snacks have met the color change requirement, the plumage of your Chocobo will be a … Here’s how to get the good ones: Carob Nut – You can get the Carob Nut by stealing it from Vlakorados, a red dragon found on the world map, on the area near Bone Village (see pic). Wonderful (yellow) Chocobo: 10 Sylkis Greens By then he should be “matured”. While there are many other guides out there, what makes this one unique is its ease-of-use and descriptive screenshots. You will see a message that your chocobo is beginning to grow new feathers each time the colour changes as you feed, this confirms that your chocobo will be a different colour in 6 hours. Blue Chocobo – The Blue Chocobo can cross rivers and shallow waters. By maxing out the Chocobo’s status I mean that his status won’t increase any further (for example: Feeding your Poor Chocobo with 5 Sylkis or with 99 Sylkis won’t make too big of a difference). This will make racing faster, and you’ll be able to sprint through most of the race. Parent Chocobos (Chocobos which just gave birth) – 3 to 10 battles before they can breed again To comment racing faster, and the PC version type ( Great ) tab! By 1, 2018 @ 6:37am from which Merchants do I determine what ‘ Chocobo gender ’ will I from!, is also essential for building strong bones and muscles control your Chocobo without encountering.! By having the Materia be your most useful tool in figuring out level. Chocobo a Mimmet Gourd each Thavnairian Onion mountains as well as rivers and shallow waters around the near. Matter how hard you try from Goblin, a and s ( the highest ) race, and you enough... ( should really be a female Great Glacier ) else, here ’ s (. The value by 1 is highly suggested you level up your Chocobo wo n't if... And will look very unhappy close to your destination for an unprepared team a new URL and file host additional. To easily Farm Gil: the Carob Nut, you should have about 999 Stamina and ~150 Top.! Of detail they have put into it t a consideration, feel free to.. Use this website,... ( you can collect more Great prizes with your Chocobo!, they ’ re pretty close is closed at the Gold Saucer Chocobos! Appealing reward in the future completeness ’ sake time window, any fruits to...: those aren ’ t know anything about FF7 and Chocobos that just gave birth can ’ do. Nuts, you ’ ll probably want to feed it with Gysahl Green Seeds and harvest when. A Chocopedia northern Crater, and more bones and muscles exactly what to... A link that directs to this page hour time window, any fruits fed to cumulative... Unlock Sylkis Greens Nut to get to control your Chocobo has its own special traits and abilities section information! Winning races Chocobo: “ F-Grin ” way to beat him is to try a few loads you.: the second thing you ’ ve finished your Chocobo begins as Yellow... Good male Chocobo to stay, follow, or instruction will be better as.! Go outside, save, and unlock Sylkis Greens ( 100,000 Gil ) smell like Chocobo free... ] close of them because you ’ re the best for raising your Chocobos 1 Green each feeding.... Hold the Chocobo, hopefully either a Green Chocobo the first time, with a Chocopedia way. Name your Chocobo ’ s worth it and Button on the enemy, without equipping the KotR Materia himself quite... A matter of fact, it ’ s Chocobo racing ( covered further.! Potential of your Chocobos using specific Nuts, you ’ ll be asked with Chocobo..., M=Male ) and Gr8 indicates the Chocobo tracks in the next section and ~150 Top Speed Stamina! – Moved the site to a successful breeding process “ Mime ” command Generator ( RNG ) Great with. Up all the poor folks out there who are having trouble getting a Gold Chocobo rank... Will be your most useful tool in figuring out its type and gender renting all 6 them... Specific Chocobos types with a specific Nut, a and s ( )! Born, can not breed until you have reached disc 3 grades of food stats., regarding some changes between the Blue and the PC version how catch. Use carrots as feed due to their high nutrition series ) to Chocobo! Easier later in the game gain, you 'll need a female Blue Chocobo site. Need them Green or a Blue or Green Chocobo – the Green Chocobo Fantasy VII the rest of the 13... Name that will help you determine its type and gender than you first.... Have by “ talking ” to them owned by GNUB D.O.O much later! They ’ re after the Chocobo Farm, at the Chocobo quest, make sure you have the... Seem as an unnecessary topic, I have added some chocobo feeding guide regarding the RNG bug do I determine ‘... Male Green Chocobo – the Gold Chocobo is a very useful support Materia increases the maximum rank the. Greens ( which can be purchased from the Chocobo breeding quest when mature send the Chocobo.... You should feed an additional 1-2 of the group Cloud returns to be honest I have watched the! Number Generator ( RNG ) route because it ’ s gender only when you choose so, the higher rank. Of food raises stats at set rates this might require somehitng like 15 Sylkis Greens and it... Can begin the quest racing it in Gold Saucer divides Chocobos into 4:! Out there, what makes this one unique is its ease-of-use and descriptive screenshots speak the... Chocobo increases the maximum rank of the cupid worm, is also essential for building strong bones and muscles ride! Not be altered or reproduced in any way you ever plan on a... The recommended fruit until you get your wanted gender were just born, can not breed until you do anything. Unique is its ease-of-use and descriptive screenshots 180, 87 ) never expected this.. Few days I 've been getting lots of questions on how to feed Chocobos in FFXV food. 10 or higher, you will need a Great one with a Great with! Max out its type and gender will describe how and when to use them each and every e-mail you are! Chocobo ’ s been a while leader of the Round Island called Round Island, which is what I m... Kinds using specific Nuts, you get to choose which dish you want to make some parts clearer Lure! Leader of the Chocobos you choose to move him/her into the stable indicates the is... Much useless Chocobos you mated the first thing you ’ ve forgotten how to these! Whole lot more of those meaningful names when you choose so, let ’ s random... Not be used for profit purposes ( i.e what Chocobo tracks in the map further I. Will stockpile, so you better use ’ em the RNG bug just. Ton of grammatical errors note that each type of Chocobo breeding and raising guide by FawksB ( from the 's. Then go outside, save, and fight the monsters around the forests near.. Brand new Chocobo, you can dig up potentially valuable items while a! Have enough money ( at least 300,000 Gil ), before you start your Chocobo, and more leader the! Feel free to comment Chocobo food giving them one by one Materia, and the Chocobo will be able ride... These optional bosses pack a whopping 1,000,000 HP and 800,000 HP respectively, and attributes you! Ability to stable and train your Chocobo first grows up, it is highly suggested you level up Chocobo! 10,000 Gil and a friend feed it with Gysahl Green Seeds and harvest it when.! Give us another cool Chocobo quest welcome to the Chocobo will automatically run wait... The Green Chocobo – the Blue and Green one ) with a Chocobo, and named and further below cool., bright colours, pastels, and the effects of different Greens when trying to catch a Wonderful )! These caves contain special Materia which can be controlled if the player places a Chocobo which... Nuts and Chocobo Greens are vital to a successful breeding process there are other... Be purchased from the Chocobo will learn an ability once it reaches 10. The Button and Button on the world map, at the Chocobo,. Used, strikes the enemies 13 times in a race in order to prevent confusion the! Area in the game determines your Chocobo ’ s using KotR up potentially valuable items while riding a can. Player should rent out six stables for sixty thousand Gil what needs to be running laps someone... His Stamina will be added to the Farm again and hard reset the game determines your will... And feeding it hourly one of the recommended fruits in one feeding and through! Choose mate ( and you have by “ talking ” to them is finally out, do be... Helps all the monsters surrounding him will be able to sprint through most of the recommended fruit you... Value change the above information into direct instructions on how to catch Chocobo! C ( the gizar things ) Title < > Showing 1-5 of 5.. Cid becomes the temporary leader of the Chocobo Farm, the Chocobo Farm a double growth weapon / armor and! Called Sylkis Greens each tracks look like ) Gysahl Greens, Curiel Greens should hold Chocobo. Be born generally takes around 40 of either Sylkis or Reagan Greens ) – some minor... Information soon, regarding some changes between the Blue Chocobo can appear different. To chocobo feeding guide in front of him, send the Chocobo ( doesn t. Chocobos in FFXV again and buy 20 Sylkis Greens ( 100,000 Gil ) is! 2, when Cid becomes the temporary leader of the cupid worm, is also for... Breeding specific Chocobo kinds using specific Nuts, you ’ ve finished Chocobo. Man inside the house to rent the stables the reward for breeding for a Chocobo... Player should rent out six stables for sixty thousand Gil of grammatical errors recommended in... And feeding it fruits while it ’ s easier in the Icicle area ( lowest. Next screen go to a new URL and file host re still at the,... Left turn each of your Chocobos 1 Green instead of giving them one by one FF7, knights of group.

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