0. Fuck that profaned mothafucka trynna call up my streets. Judgement is a greatsword class weapon and better with some INT investment (has some split dmg, phys/magic). report . The Profaned Greatsword also looks quite cool so it does have some fashion in there! 1 Availability 2 Characteristics 3 Moveset 4 Trivia 5 Upgrades 6 Videos Obtained by transposing the Soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn with Ludleth of Courland for 3,000 souls. profaned greatsword is stupidly good, just watch the vid mate. Addicted . The profaned greatsword is a magical weapon that grants a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it. Poise working as intended. The same flame that wrecked Yhorm's capital. First Warden. Fashion souls above all else. Description A ceremonial sword, held in Pontiff Sulyvahn 's right hand, representing the Profaned Flame . Profaned Flame is a Skill in Dark Souls 3. Its weight is 8.5, pretty light for a greatsword. Reply Replies (0) 1 +1. share. Profaned Greatsword +5 has 456 AR when one-handed and Greatsword of Judgement +5 has 460 AR. User Info: terrysmay04. Profaned Greatsword. The Profaned Greatsword is a Hardmode Broadsword that fires embers for as long as it is being swung in the direction of the cursor which inflict On Fire! See more of Greatsword of Judgement on Facebook. Consider this, you got 628 base AR (which goes up to 708 after using your Weapon Art) and then you get an R2 thrust attack that takes advantage of the Leo Ring. Good or not? while direct hits with the blade inflict Chaos Flames. 233. i tried farron greatsword for the first time and the moveset is so ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ cool, probably my favorite out of all weapons. Drakeblood Greatsword is a Weapon in Dark Souls 3. I am currently using the Hollowslayer Greatsword, but I was wondering whether there is a definite best weapon in those categories, or at least some really good ones. This sword, its blade engraved with script symbolizing dragon blood, inflicts magic and lightning damage. It sure does look cool though. The Profaned Greatsword is one of the many Weapons that you will encounter in Dark Souls 3. The Profaned Greatsword does absolute truckloads of damage on a 40/40 build. Is it any good? I already have the Profaned Greatsword, should I bother with the Lothric Knight Greatsword? As I've stated before though, good job. It hits super hard and has a moveset that combos very nicely with dodge rolls and thrust attacks. Email or Phone: Password : Forgot account? Its easy to obtain it in the very beginning of the game! 2h R1/MB1 deals 916 damage. Create New Account. Profaned is a UGS class weapon that works best with a quality build. It's weapon art is a stance where the R1 pokes and buffs the weapon (unsure of AR, but possibly +80? Can anyone say how it's scaling goes at +4/5? Weapon Art + Followup swing deals 1655 damage. A ceremonial sword, held in Pontiff Sulyvahn's right hand, representing the Profaned Flame. The Profaned Greatsword is a personal favorite of mine for both PvE and PvP. I've heard the Profane is a quality weapon, and I'm hoping that's true. Addicted. Sections of this page. 4. Description: Profaned Greatsword + Leo Ring = Godlike. chewy905 4 years ago #2. Discuss the latest Dark Souls Title! Profaned for PvP and PvE Farron greatsword is actually not that good in pvp. Press alt + / to open this menu. … save. Log In. The Profaned Greatsword has the unique ability to self-buff, adding a great amount of fire damage to the weapon, further increasing its usefulness. 2h R1/MB1 with buff deals 890 damage (wtf) Weapon Art + Followup swing deals 1710 damage. 2h R1/MB1 with buff deals 1015 damage. Accessibility Help. A ceremonial sword, held in Pontiff Sulyvahn's right hand, representing the Profaned Flame. Charged Attack. Long ago, when Sulyvahn was yet a young sorcerer, he discovered the Profaned Capital and an unfading flame below a distant tundra of Irithyll, and a burning ambition took root within him. It deals 20% damage against hollows, which is EXTREMELY good due to the fact that almost every enemy is hollow. Lorian's seems like the better sword for pyro build and Profaned for strength....but Profaned looks way cooler. Profane Greatsword is just a regular melee weapon that happens to have a fire buff. Why? It's downward slash rolling attack also has much better tracking than the roll-poke of the profaned. Tue Apr 19, 2016 3:36 am. I find the Astora Greatsword to be much more lethal in PVP, as it has a great Estus-punishing weapon art. Posts: 233. First Warden #1. The Profaned Shard is a craftable post-Moon Lord item used to summon the Profaned Guardians boss in the Underworld or Hallow during daytime. Weapon Art Only: No: Description. Love the double-handed R2 moveset. 75% Upvoted. Adds about 80 fire damage to the weapon for 45 seconds. Create New Account. It combines a Greatsword and a dagger and has a rather unique and pleasing move set as well. The Greatsword of Judgement is faster with a stance weapon art, but the Profaned Greatsword has a wider swing arc, and has a stomp weapon art. The Farron Greatsword is an ultra Greatsword especially good for quality builds. The most notable reason that the flame is important is, well, because it looks cool. It can be purchased from the Wizard for 5 after the Profaned Guardians have been defeated. or. Survivors have but a … 45: Additional Effects; 0: 0: 0: Attribute Bonuses; C 22: D 10----Other; Buffable? The weapon art attack is a stomp into a flaming uppercut R2 that buffs the weapon with +80 AR for a bit. Some attacks are capable of two- if not one-shotting people entirely. Farron's greatsword is a dex weapon, but the rest of UGS are str weapons. User Info: chewy905. or. This is perhaps the strongest aspect of the Greatsword, because a huge number of Dark Souls III's enemies are considered Hollow. Profaned Greatsword. 3. I have kept all of my Boss Souls, so I can transpose into any weapon. The Profaned Guardians are usually the first Post-Moon Lord bosses that you will face in your playthrough. What I do is simply block the first fancy attack and since the weapon leaves LONG windows to be hit without being able to block or dodge I unleash my weapon art for a nearly instant kill on most enemy's. While its scaling has taken a bit of a hit (dropping down from a “B” to a “C” in strength), it still contains the potential to provide a versatile option for anyone looking for a fresh Ultra Greatsword playthrough. Because 1. I like the move set and I think it is a good weapon, but is it a good weapon later on to upgrade or should I stick with something like my +6 Astora Greatsword? 0-1. Profaned Greatsword Build. But obviously the advantage of a quality build is that you should be able to use pretty much every weapon quite effectively, so I'd just advise you to try them all out and see which one you like the most. Tests were done with my overleveled character to see maximum damage output.

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