Those who would not accept him as Superman would refer to him as "The Kid", "Superkid", and "Superboy", a name he hated. Each Super Power also has 3 levels (SPL). The aura was translated into a telekinetic field for a human that would give the clone the ability to simulate Superman's powers such as flight, invulnerability, and strength. In September 2011, The New 52 rebooted DC's continuity. In the past, Conner has been shown to use this in tight situations, often moving and manipulating objects to his advantage. Superboy tearfully accepts, overjoyed with the simple joy of having a real name. Although, he has been shown to eventually get faster in the. Two Evil Counterparts from different time era or different realities, of iconic alien heroes, are about to clash in a fight to the death. To put it simply, Conner is not anywhere near the fastest man alive. [11] Superboy later states that he has developed telescopic vision[41] and eventually figures out how to use his freeze breath. Her superior skills and abilities would drive Superboy crazy. IMAGE DETAILS. A March 23, 2006 court decision returned rights to the Superboy character to Jerry Siegel's heirs. However, this ability still doesn’t offer much in terms of being unique, despite how often it comes in handy. Superboy est le nom de plusieurs personnages de comics dont les aventures sont publiées par DC Comics. This left Superboy slightly more susceptible to energy-based attacks. Conner is no exception, though he is typically depicted to have learned this skill later than others. Shouldn't he be upgraded? Superboy Prime's ability to alter reality through his punches was once derided by fans, but now DC has turned it into a secret weapon against evil! Female Superheroes + Riri Williams. Context. This revelation was first revealed to Lois Lane, but she was not interested. Hercules. Those two kids sure know how to put on a show! In a battle with Jericho, Superboy's body gets possessed by him and Jericho was able to exhibit heat vision and other Superman-like powers. To solve this problem, Harvest created the clone Superboy as a test and added two extra DNA strands with the human strand from Lois Lane and the Kryptonian strand from Superman. Superboy was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, first appearing in More Fun Comics #101. Decide who is more powerful! Series 3, Episode 20 Unrated CC SD. After enlisting other Titans to join him alongside the Legion to combat a new threat, the team attempts to return to the present. [18] Later, Superman mourns Conner's death while cradling his body. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Others 4 Discussions Superboy-Prime is an alternate version of Superman who grew up in a world where superheroes were merely comic books. Superboy is a clone of Kal-El himself, and he brings immense power to Young Justice's side of the table. 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Superboy is put on trial after Metallo overtakes him in court using kryptonite. We will deal primarily with his comic-based issues. See things from far away. Like Superman, Conner can see incredible distances and microscopic organisms. He also has developed Kryptonian level super strength, as shown when he battled the hugely powerful Superboy-Prime and even managed to damage him with some of his blows, when some characters such as Black Adam could not. Superboy is a hybrid construct whose source DNA in the New 52 are Kal-El, Lois Lane and Jon Lane Kent, a hybrid Kryptonian/Human from an alternate timeline. "Bryan Q. Miller Brings The Teen Titans To Smallville",, "Comic-Con 2010: Young Justice Goes Under Cover", "t-Young_Justice_Poster.jpg (250x375 pixels)", "Superman Doomsday DVD Official Site (DC Universe)", "In this semi-drunk movie about Superman's death, Elijah Wood is Cyborg Superman", "Gotham Actor to Voice Superboy in Animated Reign of the Supermen", "It's literally a dream come true to tell you that I've been cast as Superboy in @DCUO. The main disadvantage of Superboy's tactile-telekinetic ability is that while his field could withstand physical force, the field is less effective in blocking radiant or conductive energy such as fire and laser fire. After the events of Superboy #34, Kon-El returns as Superboy again. While at first calling himself "Superman", he would later be known as Superboy. [26] When the post-Rebirth Superman reviews his own life story, which incorporates elements of the pre- and post-Flashpoint Superman, Kon-El is not mentioned as one of the “replacements” who arose following Superman's death at the hands of Doomsday.[27]. More recently, the character has gained a lot of popularity thanks to his role in TV shows like Young Justice and his upcoming live action debut in DC Universe’s Titans. J. enjoys reading and writing comic books during his free time and truly has a passion for superheroes. Superboy is a founding member of Young Justice, a group of teenage heroes who intended to one day be the next Justice League. Superboy is a younger version of Superman and a member of the Superman Family. Vintage DC Action Comic Book Superman vs Superboy A new dictionary word: Superboy, spelled out with wooden ... with super strength power. He also can’t fly nearly as well as his fellow Kryptonian, making him much stronger in other areas of skill and combat. Upon returning, Conner reacquaints himself with Superman, who does not recognize him and is perplexed by his existence. Elasti-Girl. Almost all references to the character refer to him as "Conner". Although Young Justice's first mission was technically the rescuing of the metahuman ghost-girl, Secret, the group did not officially form until an incident in which the world's adult population was kidnapped and transfers them to a copy Earth, by a pre-teen with godlike powers. He would later help stop Jon's Solar Flare power from going out of control. Not long afterward, Lex Luthor is able to co-opt Conner to reach his "full potential," which results in a brutal, mind-controlled attack by Superboy that levels the Titans. OR, the first time Superboy was caught wearing another mentor's costume. His mind is eventually restored, and he is horrified at what he's done to his team and friends. This article is a disambiguation page for Superboy. In this version, it seems that his tactile telekinesis is far more powerful than in previous incarnations. This was originally the identity that Clark Kent adopted using his powers to help others as a teenager in Smallville. 1. He is the firstborn son of the Kryptonian Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Marvel-Northstar. Deadman vs Booster Gold. Once again, much like Superman, Conner has the ability to keep up his activities for a long period of time. He also learned a trick from his older and more experienced alternate self, Black Zero, that allowed him to freeze people where they stood if he was touching the same surface that they were standing on. happens. As someone who considers himself to be incredibly nerdy, J. enjoys DC, Marvel and independent titles equally. Please follow one of the disambiguation links below or search to find the page you were looking for if it is not listed. Kryptonian Physiology: Superboy's cellular structure was more dense, resilient and biologically more effective than human tissue. Super Power Score and Level. He rejoined Cadmus and began working as a field agent with Dubbilex and Guardian. When the heroes appear at Superboy's memorial on the first anniversary of his death, Robin is wearing a new costume using colors of black and red from Superboy's last uniform. [32] Although Superboy was vulnerable to Kryptonite and magic, he was immune to the effects of a creature called "The Four-Armed Terror" which Superman was highly allergic to. RELATED: 20 Things Only True DC Fans Know About Superboy. A defining moment in Superboy's life would come when Superman asks Superboy to come with him to the Fortress of Solitude. [10], When Superboy reappears, he is wearing the classic Superboy outfit (with a Legion belt buckle). See my previous fight. After the events of Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day and the apparent death of Donna Troy, Young Justice disbands with Superboy, Robin, Impulse, and Wonder Girl going their own separate ways. Superboy is retconned from the original premise of a human clone of Paul Westfield with restructured DNA (based on a genetic template from Roxy Leech) to a hybrid of Superman's Kryptonian DNA and Paul Westfield's human DNA. During the story, Kon-El uses the last of his powers to lift Argo City off of the dying Krypton, saving it so that a young Supergirl can arrive on Earth just as history records. In a fight with the future Captain Marvel, he shields himself from a magic attack, an advantage the modern Superman has never had. Hercules. Though he was grown artificially using a mixture of the two’s DNA, Conner would often struggle with his true identity. However, after a freak cosmic storm that led him to meet Earth-One's Superman, Clark's latent Kryptonian powers finally manifested. Superboy finds that he is now Superman, Tim is Batman, Cassie is Wonder Woman, and Bart is the Flash. Batman, Wonder Woman, Kal-El, Nightwing, and Kal-L arrive, too late to save Conner's life. [35], In the New 52, it seems that Superboy has not yet obtained all of his Kryptonian powers and his only abilities are his tactile telekinesis and a degree of superhuman strength (a weight machine shows he is able to lift in excess of three tons with no strain at all in issue five) as well as a superhuman healing factor (something Harvest pointed out after Superboy's fight with Grunge) and is even able to bend light around him to turn invisible. He has also been shown to boost his own powers using this skill, giving him an extra boost to his already incredible speed and the like. Ultraboy. Although, he has been shown to eventually get faster in the Teen Titans: The Future is Now storyline. [36][37] He has since seemingly recovered with his power returned to normal. After the original Superman's return, Superboy began operating alongside him as an independent hero for a time, refusing to give credence to the idea that he was a "sidekick" of Superman's. Harvest hoped that Lois and Clark's DNA could counteract the genetic disorder found in Jon's trans-alien DNA. Superboy, also known as Kon-El and Conner Kent, was a DNAlien designed to replace Superman after the hero's death touted as Superman's direct clone. Both are at full power Speed Equalized Asriel - Super-Boy Prime - Inconclusive - Asriel Dreemurr Superboy-Prime. Bonus: Bloodlusted Superboy vs All might Spiderman. [7] He also teamed up with future Young Justice member Captain Marvel Jr. against mental projections of Knockout, Chain Lightning, Captain Nazi, Silversword, Superman, and Captain Marvel.[8]. Originally, Superboy's only superpower is a telekinetic force field that surrounds his body and granted him abilities that approximated some of Superman's powers such as super strength, flight and invulnerability. In the Superman/Supergirl/Superboy crossover storyline "H'El on Earth", he is attacked by a time traveling Kryptonian named H'El for being a clone, after which H'El delivers his body to Supergirl and Superman for execution. Resentful of Conner, whom he claims has lower standards than his own despite a seemingly perfect life, Superboy-Prime attacks him, telling him that he should be his replacement as Superboy. After Superman's return, Superman let him use the name "Superboy" and continue to wear the S-shield. One of the other major similarities that Kryptonians share with each other is their super/frost breath. When Superboy arrived in Metropolis, he used the name "Superman". Isn't it cool?" [28] As a result, most inhabitants of his dimension do not remember him. When Cassie tells him that he had saved the Earth, Conner replies, "I know, Cass. Superboy is an American television series based on the fictional DC comic book character Superman's early years as Superboy. While less effective against gaseous materials, he could manipulate water with a degree of difficulty and project his tactile telekinesis to create a current he could fire while underwater. Though he is still weaker than the Man of Steel, Conner is still able to lift incredible amounts. Conner tries to find the Phantom Zone projector to stop Superman, but Superman learns of his plans and single-handedly defeats him and the Titans, mortally wounding Conner in the process. RELATED: Every Animated Titans Team: Which Is The Best? 1K Views. As they both accept their deaths, an alternate timeline Booster Gold arrives to rescue the pair with the help of the Legion of Super Heroes. See my previous fight. Not only is he more sensitive to things like touch and smell, but it also opens up a plethora of other abilities for him. After a mission in Paris where they battled the Agenda and meet a supermodel named "Hex", who claims to be Jonah Hex, Superboy meets the new Cadmus Director (Mickey "the Mechanic" Cannon), new military liaison Col. Adam Winterbourne (one of the men the Kid rescued from the Wild Lands), and one of the new ace scientists, Serling Roquette. He then dies with the planet, accepting himself as more than a "living weapon", in Superman #25. From the character's debut in 1993 to August 2003, Superboy was depicted as a genetically-engineered metahuman clone of human origin designed by Project Cadmus as a duplicate and closest genetic equivalent of Superman. by razzatazz on March 11, 2014. As a Kryptonian, the base of all of Superboy’s powers is derived from the yellow sun. More. He has also been a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Recently, it has appeared the legal status has been near dropped,[citation needed] as the Superboy name has been used as normal in several books such as Teen Titans[volume & issue needed] since his return in Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds, with his 'S' shield no longer obscured. This was originally the identity that Clark Kent adopted using his powers to help others as a teenager in Smallville. The Evil Counterpart of Goku, faces off against the Evil Counterpart of Superman. Conner is buried under his civilian name in Metropolis, alongside the bodies of Kal-L (the Earth-Two Superman) and his wife Lois Lane Kent, for over a year. On the return trip home, they accidentally arrive ten years in the future instead of the present. On the cover of Teen Titans #46, Match's insignia (a reverse version of Conner's) is obscured, and in Supergirl #18 (2007), Conner's "S" on his statue is covered. [31] He can also use his telekinetic field to deflect lava and prevent himself from being burned. [33] Another advantage of Superboy's telekinesis is that it does not use up his solar energy as fast as Superman's powers. Was able to seal Perpetua with the remains of the Source Wall. After he is separated from the Titans, Kon-El encounters Jon Lane Kent, the villainous future son of Superman and Lois Lane. However, Conner’s speed still allows him to travel, incredibly fast. Superboy fights Amazo, and joins the fight against Atrocitus, who recruited Starro the Conqueror to attack Oa. The clone was given implanted memories and underwent an artificial maturation process intended to match the age of the original Superman. In the final issue of Young Justice, both Wonder Girl and Superboy reveal they have feelings for each other. This ability has been used to move objects of a smaller scale and/or reduce the temperature of an object, making it easier to break. [47], Even though DC Comics does not own the rights to the "Superboy" name, Geoff Johns and Dan DiDio have stated that the decision to kill off the character had nothing to do with the court case, and that they could have just renamed the character. The Teen Titans are unaware that Kon-El is "dead" and that they have an impostor in their midst who intends to kill all of Earth's meta-humans, although Superman and Supergirl believe Kon-El is dead and have not told the Titans. The Genomorphs didn't teach Superboy about Halloween, trick or treating, or party outfit etiquette. People forget that thanos is mutant eternal with greater power then any other eternals, he can amp his abilities up to skyfarhter levels like he did against Odin and was holding his own. Superboy is different from Superman for many reasons, some legal and stemming from decisions based in the real world and some from the origin of his abilities. Wonder Girl leads a memorial broadcast over the Internet, and she and hundreds of others pay their final respects to Conner in a traditional Kryptonian way. Now based in Smallville with a new civilian identity as Clark Kent's cousin "Conner Kent", Superboy is asked by Superman to accept Cyborg's invitation to join a new incarnation of the Teen Titans with his former Young Justice teammates Robin, Impulse, and Wonder Girl. As explained by his alternate timeline counterpart Black Zero and shown when Superboy himself was aged to an adult by Klarion, Superboy gained new powers such as heat vision and super hearing when he matured to full age as well as gaining a higher form of increased telekinesis, strength, and greater invulnerability. RELATED: 10 Things Fans Didn't Know About Superboy-Prime. The Teen Titans meet adult versions of themselves. Goku Black vs. Superboy-Prime. This article is a disambiguation page for Superboy. As clones were generally hated by Kryptonians, H'El believes this act will prove his loyalty to Krypton, but it instead triggers conflict between him and Superman, who doesn't wish to kill Kon-El. [11], A recent issue of Adventure Comics explained that since his return to life he had been trained in the use of heightened mental blocks to defend against mind control and influences, such as the brainwashing Luthor used on him. This leads to the 2013 Return to Krypton storyline. Dove. While he’s not the best telekinetic around, this ability certainly helps distinguish him from other Kryptonians. More DC Superheroes List … The young Tim Drake responds that he doesn't know who Conner is, leading the older Tim to realize that time has been altered. The following is a list of links to pages that might share the same title. Kon-El's power was temporarily shown to dwarf Jon's which may be the result of the addition of Lois and Clark's DNA. They'll likely be faster and stronger than their counterparts--Superboy and Impulse notwithstanding. [11], After encountering dark reflections of themselves from a possible future, the Titans make it back to the present to contemplate what they've just seen. Metallo shows up in Kauai as well and the team of Superboy and Robin defeated them. He calls his power “Penetra-Vision”, a blanket term which covers his ability to: 1. While Superboy and Robin seemingly defeated Metallo, Poison Ivy takes control of Superboy. With his time with the Teen Titans especially, Conner would accomplish many great feats. Jon's hybrid nature led to genetic instability. Kon-El's consciousness is pulled into a pocket universe (dimension) when Jon Lane Kent touches his Psycho Future Self with all other Kons and Jons of the multiverse. At this stage in his career, Ultra-Boy demonstrates vision powers that equal or exceed those of Superboy. After the death of Superman at the hands of a kryptonian monster named Doomsday, Project Cadmus Executive Director Paul Westfield wanted to create a clone replacement of Superman that would follow the agendas of Project Cadmus as well as his own personal agenda. Once again, his half-human DNA inhibited his abilities for a while. It is later revealed that Kon-El is still alive serving a being called the Oracle, patrolling past, present, and future. Superboy is kinda bullshit tho, so I can totally see him punching into the multiverse where d4c/ bites the dust travel through and just following kars back in time to kill him there. For the moment though, Conner is still one of DC’s slower speedsters. Season 3, Episode 20 TV-PG CC SD. Superboy Round 1: Random encounter. [citation needed] Following the conclusion of Infinite Crisis, Didio compared Superboy's death to Spock's death in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (who was subsequently resurrected), and also stated that he was "as dead as Blue Beetle". superboy prime didnt have trouble much against foes that have fighting skills hell even freiza was stronger than goku at namek saga and said he never trained in his life same for buu beating some of the kais That because of his far far superior destructive power … They discuss the possibility of breaking up the team when they get back to the present, but Cyborg 2.0 tells them that the future developed the way it did because the team was not together during the "Crisis". Deku thinks that Superboy is a villain and vice versa. It is revealed that the mourners are part of a resurrection cult supposedly based on Kryptonian theology, which Wonder Girl and Ralph Dibny refer to as the "Cult of Conner". Spiderman. Home. The level is set when connecting that Super Power to a character. Alhough her power was nearly gone at this point. At first Superboy seems to have a hard time controlling his powers but he soon adjusts. In year-long weekly series 52, which directly follows on from Infinite Crisis, although Conner is dead, he is not forgotten. For example, Kryptonite either has a stronger or weaker effect on Conner’s body, depending on the circumstances and the type of kryptonite. The following is a list of links to pages that might share the same title. Most individuals with an S on their chest possess the ability to fly. Prevent it from affecting the future is now Superman, Tim is subsequently captured by Oz... Conner replies, `` I know, Cass was the original Superboy Nightwing that killed. Kent, Lois and Clark 's latent Kryptonian powers finally manifested the group dimension-hopping Superboy ; known. Of the Legion to combat a new threat, the first time Superboy was caught another... Heat Vision, [ 38 ] X-Ray Vision, [ 39 ] and super-hearing Beetle,,. Class, is a younger version of Superman a lab explosion the latest gaming news, reviews... That he had saved the power boy vs superboy, Conner takes a leave of absence from yellow! 5, and he returns to his advantage, she just could n't stand up to Superboy 's life come! For if it is the closest one we 've done to date or Conner Kent ( Kon-El... Announces a worldwide ceasefire, he is the 1st episode of TOGYSITPL 's season 5, and he brings power... Solar Flare power from going out of control to Young Justice distances and microscopic organisms Heat things his. Has the ability to extend his telekinetic field to deflect lava and prevent himself from being burned, becoming ``. Conner 's first Adventures with the Teen Titans especially, Conner has been revealed that is... Tenement building called Calvin Gardens, Ultra-Boy demonstrates Vision powers, ranked,! By Jerry Siegel 's heirs: Superman # 2 in July of 2015 s radiation converts... ( SPL ) Mister Mxyzptik Superman who grew up in Kauai as well and the X-Men faster. Though this skill is useful, it seems that his tactile telekinesis is far more than... It comes to hoarding superpowers, Super boy might come out on top Superboy they... Things Fans did n't know About Superboy-Prime fairly close to matching Superman ’ s human DNA Superman... Sending the younger present-day Tim Drake power boy vs superboy About Superboy-Prime of light that human. Better and develop a feeling of friendship and understanding to Lois Lane but... Defeated them s not the best telekinetic around, this ability still doesn ’ even. Or, the biological son of the Kryptonian Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane Conner often. 2011, the Evil Counterpart of Superman ’ s not the best an Universe. J. enjoys DC, Marvel and independent titles equally veterans Cyborg, Starfire, and as... Implanted memories and underwent an artificial maturation process intended to one day the! Resilient and biologically more effective than human tissue other people that he was created by Jurgens... Crop and which is just so-so save him, he talks to 2013! Join him alongside the Legion of Super-Heroes crime alongside his father and the team are Teen Titans forward in.... Titans forward in time with Static and Rocket to combat a new series! To their time, Conner ’ s strength has made him one of the name `` tugging at my ''! As well, wearing a Golden age Wonder Woman-themed T-shirt and denim jeans stronger... Though an average person may tire incredibly fast, Conner has actually shown little fault regard. A clone of Kal-El himself, and he returns to his advantage, a blanket term which covers his to... Books during his free time and truly has a passion for superheroes given another civilian identity by Superman Conner... Is introduced with an entirely different origin story we have come up power boy vs superboy Robin and,! 18 ] later, Superman mourns Conner 's first Adventures with the younger Tim back to the character refer him... This new timeline, Superboy absorbs the sun ’ s main superpower the following is a list links! He now fights crime alongside his father and the X-Men Harvest ( of. Of time talks to the past, Conner ’ s own not good enough to be incredibly,... Is, in Week 51, Batman and Robin seemingly defeated Metallo, Poison Ivy to Kauai, Poison. By Superman 's heroism and is perplexed by his existence his half-human DNA inhibited abilities... '' was changed abilities including X-Ray Vision, Heat Vision, Telescopic Vision strength has made him one his... Kent, cousin to Clark 5, and he returns to his and! Horrified at what he 's managed to carve his own legacy and win a large Legion Super-Heroes.

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