The spinning RMP is 850. Prices for Haier’s washing machines sit around the $650 to $800 mark, making it a reasonably affordable choice – along with gaining some good value for the features it provides. View on Grid List. This machine has a DD inverter motor inside it, and with that like none another washing machine, it has a UV light inside it, which tells when to take out the cloths. It is an offer not to be missed, so go grab your washing machine NOW! It prevents the entry of mice and other crawlers into the machine and protects the sensitive parts and wires from damage. With the wash, a spin capacity of 7 kg, this machine cleans the cloth as were bought new. Haier HWM 120-826 Top Load 12KG Fully Automatic Washing Machine. You can use multiple functions like spin, quick wash, heavy wash for clothes like wool, delicate spin and air dry etc. Common models available in Pakistan are Haier Top Load Spinner HWS-60-50, Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 80-35, Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 80-60 and Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 80-50. Check out Haier automatic washing machine prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for related information. Each function works accurately as consumers’ wish. With 1330 RMP spinning speed, this spinner works wonders. The motor with matters the most in a washing machine and has to be of the best material is not neglected in this washing machine. The machine is made up of metal, while the inner structure and drum of the machine are made up of stainless steel. The spinning capacity of the spinner is also 8.5 kg, with a spinning speed of 1300 RMP. Haier 80P201 Washing Machine price in Pakistan is Rs. As a spinner, it has a great spin capacity of 8 kg. Haier automatic washing machines are priced according to their size and type but most fall in the affordable category. Find Latest Models, Best Prices, Genuine Products, Top Stores for Dawlance Washing Machines in Pakistan. It allows all types of clothes to be washed in it by damaging them. Can do a lot of work much faster with its high efficiency can reduce the load of work. Haier has never failed to amaze its customers. Haier HWM60 10 6 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine: Rs. The Direct Drive Motor functionality is said to be particularly innovative as it aims to replace the noisy and less efficient belt or gearbox-driven systems of old, making the laundry process a quieter task. The ratings for these products over online shopping apps are over 4 stars. The lint filter inside the steel washing tub catches all dirt and debris from the clothes and prevents them from entering into the machine. With that, you can set the spinning speed the way you like, and the thermostat is also adjustable. These machines are designed to take heavy loads and will quickly and efficiently wash and dry up clothes with powerful rotation and thorough cleaning. This prevents damage and eliminates the need for frequent servicing of the equipment. The best price of Haier Washing Machine in Pakistan is Rs.32,019 and the lowest price found is Rs.9,999. The machine has twin tubs and has the highest washing capacity then ant other machine made by Haier. 42,151. Haier is giving this machine at a good price in Pakistan, so go and grab it to make your life easy. This front-loading series product works very impressively and has lowered the burden for the people. Haier has installed a dense rat mesh in its washing machines. Not just that, it has a built-in dual spray system as well. Here we have shortlisted the best of 5 top load fully automatic washing machines in Pakistan. Easy spin, easy wash, big wash, clean wash, fast spin, fast wash, full steel body, fully haier automatic washing machine front load and fully automatic top load. Go grab one for you and make your life easy. It has a child lock to keep the children protected, and the door of the machine also locks by itself. It is environmentally friendly and does not waste much water. Haier Automatic Washing Machines come with separate compartments for liquid detergent, powder detergent and fabric softener. The Lowest price of Haier Washing Machines in Pakistan is Rs. SKU. Haier HWM-120-1678 - 12kg, Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price in Pakistan, 12 Programs, Top Load, Toughened Glass Top Lid, Storm Wash, Washer & Spinner.

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