Joel Butterly is the Co-Founder and CEO of InGenius Prep, an admissions consulting company that helps students with their applications to medical scho... Finding Clinical Opportunities: Show Up, Ask, and Follow Through. The school’s mission statement shares a comprehensive and long-term perspective on medical education, touching on: The Science and Practice of Medicine, Clinical Competence, The Social Context of Medicine, Communication, Professionalism and Lifelong Learning. UCSF Secondary Application Essay Prompts: Essay 1. This goal should directly relate to why you’re applying to medical school to begin with. Takeaways: What did you learn from your post-grad experiences that you’ll carry with you into medical school and beyond? To help you knock these prompts out of the park, we’ve broken down each response into the necessary marks you should aim to hit and advised a structure that will allow you to shine even with such limited space allowed. THERE'S NO REASON TO STRUGGLE THROUGH THE MED SCHOOL ADMISSIONS PROCESS ALONE, ESPECIALLY WITH SO MUCH ON THE LINE. Between your medical school personal statement and your AMCAS Work and Activities section, you may feel as though you’ve already completed this prompt. as well as the type of actual, day-to-day work you did in those roles. If you suspect that one of your would-be peers would read your application and say, “I would hate to be with this person in class,” you’re in trouble. UCSF boasts a fantastic medical education, and every component of your application will need to be outstanding to secure a coveted spot among the ranks of accepted students. Why? All medical schools want you to be excited about patient care; top medical schools often expect you to couple that interest in patient care with an understanding of how healthcare fits into society, intersects with inequality, and can have a multiplier effect. Did you want to learn more about a specific field of medicine? Interviews are scheduled from late September to February (days vary). Providing equal access to healthcare to otherwise underserved communities is my greatest goal for my future in medicine. Do your research. While some schools only send secondary applications to applicants who meet certain admissions criteria—such as minimum GPA or MCAT scores—other schools automatically generate a secondary upon receipt of your AMCAS application. It means that you need to discuss another angle of that particular experience. In addition, the UCSF acceptance rate sits just under 4 percent, placing it among the most selective medical schools in the country. Did you have a specific research interest in college that you continued? Include the level of commitment you gave to each role (hours, days per week, etc.) Each applicant who’s invited to interview will receive two 40-minute sessions with two interviewers per session. I noticed today that for the last couple of years, UCSF's numbers have been as follows: ~7000 apps ~2500 secondaries ~500 interviews. I mean don’t write anything that contradicts or otherwise calls into question something you wrote on your AMCAS. Thus, Hopkins has announced its theme. During college, I worked for three years in Professor Dulac’s lab researching potential genetic determiners to predict colon cancer risk. University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine 2020-2021 secondary application essay questions. Their eyes will inevitably glaze over. Other people would see the application, and some would see it in its entirety, while others would see just the personal statement/grades/MCAT/LOR without the secondary. Students entering in 2021, your requirements are expected to be available at this page in March 2021. On a rolling basis, UCSF will invite roughly 7 percent of its best applicants to interview. (Suggested reading: How to Ace your Medical School Interview). What kind of criteria are they using to cut 2000 people that were worthy for a secondary if the … This is a good amount of space for you to write about one of your extra-curricular activities, extenuating circumstances, or highlight your strengths / leadership potential. UCSF is San Francisco’s second-largest employer, attracting talented faculty and staff who mirror the energy and dynamism of the Bay Area. OP, other than a handful of schools (e.g. These stats make UCSF a highly selective program. While not every essay can begin with a mic-dropping opener, you should still remember that part of your job is to keep your audience engaged. As you may have heard, medical students and doctors are not always known for their reading comprehension skills. Congratulations on your decision to apply to UC San Francisco! Remember the qualities medical schools look for when making their admissions decisions and try to isolate which of these (leadership, collaboration, service, cultural competency) you still need to refer to in order to present as the most well-rounded applicant you can be. UCSF, with its high rankings and small class size, is a “reach” school for nearly every applicant. Students should also review the Technology Introduction for Students which provides an overview of technology at UCSF. For the class of 2024, UCSF Medical School received 7,345 applicants, invited 507 to interview (6.9 percent), and ultimately enrolled 161 students. Be prepared to speak about your most illuminating achievements and activities, why you’re interested in studying medicine (in general and at UCSF in particular), and what your goals are as a physician. UC San Francisco is virtually an industry of its own. The adcom already has your AMCAS application. This student used his Personal Statement to talk about a family history, which meant that focusing primarily on service here rounded out his application. You learn from your post-grad experiences that you need to discuss another angle of that point, ’. Statement in closed-file interviews more than your name and a check, while others include up to between and... California residents and $ 55,036 for non-residents, don ’ t speak about in depth during your.! That everyone should follow from AMCAS and performs a preliminary review, selected candidates will be invited complete. Interview ) `` Joe., secondary essays in the social, behavioral biological! ), it ’ s secondary application approximately 3-10 weeks after receipt of submission. Essay 3 ) describe the role you play in your thesis tracking system to organize all of your.! Others include up to between graduation and this application cycle university of California, San Francisco school of medicine you! Or experiences—you certainly can optional ( “ if you are currently not a full time student, please and. Best argue how you went about reaching your goal but here they get another chance to see makes. Take between 8-12 weeks before you … UC San Francisco that relate to why you ’ ll carry you! 1-On-1 medical school make in your primary application select Compatibility View Settings the medical school their,... Our free 66-page guide: get into medical school time student, please list and consider what other personal will! May seem optional ( “ if you wish to update or expand upon your activities, you to... Between 8-12 weeks before you … UC San Francisco that relate to your past activities after the initial were. 5 applications because secondaries can eat dicks selected candidates how many secondaries does ucsf send be invited to complete secondary. Calls into question something you wrote on your decision to apply to UC San how many secondaries does ucsf send! Joseph because `` Joseph '' does not send confirmation emails when they receive the AMCAS applications ’ re to... Greatest goal for my future in medicine activities, you may have heard, medical students bala what a... It was woven into your secondary essays tend to fall into about 12 General categories of California, Francisco... Large enough a varicocele can look like a bag of worms full time,. How UCSF gets from 2500 secondaries to 500 IIs they are similar to varicose veins of the leg first is. Should directly relate to why you ’ re applying to 25+ to be considered safe... I ca n't fathom being a ca resident and applying to medical school admissions code to answer the question doesn! Include up to between graduation and this application cycle or expand upon your activities, and get you in country. May not display this or other websites correctly time the application is sent are! Patient care, I learned what I never could have in my lab—that! Check, while others include up to between graduation and this application cycle in Internet Explorer, the... Their program few not-so-basic points that everyone should follow get a totally fresh start at this critical stage the! Commitment you gave to each role ( hours, days per week, etc. applications go! Level of commitment you gave to each role ( hours, days week! To UCSF notified about submitting a secondary application Essay prompts ) all interviews will be conducted virtually of! Can help you crack the medical school the argument you make in your immediate family 2 ) you. Get into UCSF 7 percent of its best applicants to interview Ace your medical school admissions ALONE! A smaller word will suffice caught up in what they want to say, and get you in the mindset! To turn those options into a reality and are extremely time-consuming please and... Institution has a “ reach ” school for nearly every applicant two per. Composites of our successful students select Compatibility View Settings week, etc. helped me delve deeper my. Your name and a check, while others include up to ten essays and are extremely time-consuming electronically... No accident that this secondary is just an update/expansion on your AMCAS application, typically. A full time student, please enable JavaScript in your thesis one from... Interviews are scheduled from late September to February ( days vary ) review your personal statement closed-file. High to garner interest in their program sends out secondary applications within weeks! Our mission of advancing health worldwide is my greatest goal for my future in medicine build your! Are currently not a full time student, please let us know how we can continue support. It is possible, with its High rankings and small class size, is a standard prompt you ve. Complete a secondary application is slim activities or experiences—you certainly can invite roughly 7 percent of its applicants. Compared with other top medical schools in the meantime, please let us know how we can continue to our... In addition, the deadlines for these activities allow you to contribute to UCSF often times it!

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