noun. Find more German words at! Drexler and the party's Executive Committee then acquiesced to Hitler's demand to be made the chairman of the party with "dictatorial powers" as the condition for his return. The director of the Gestapo answered only to Heinrich Himmler, and Himmler, only to the Fuhrer himself. furry. A tyrannical leader. [16] He had wanted to address Hitler as Führer aller Germanen ("Führer of all Germanics"), but Hitler personally decreed the former style. jurer. Translations in context of "mein führer" in Spanish-English from Reverso Context: Creí que te interesaría qué pasa en nuestra casa, mein führer. Watch Queue Queue. (dictator, leader) (voz alemana) führer nm nombre masculino: Sustantivo de género exclusivamente masculino, que lleva los artículos el o un en singular, y los o unos en plural. According to the Constitution of Weimar, the President was Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. He retained the title of Supreme Commander for himself. Nazi Germany cultivated the Führerprinzip ("leader principle"),[1] and Hitler was generally known as just der Führer ("the Leader"). Mon Führer : la Vraie Véritable Histoire d'Adolf Hitler (titre original : Mein Führer - Die wirklich wahrste Wahrheit über Adolf Hitler ce qui signifie « Mon Führer - La vérité vraiment la plus vraie sur Adolf Hitler ») est un film burlesque allemand réalisé par Dani Levy, sorti en 2007 [5][6] Thus, upon Hindenburg's death, Hitler became Führer and Reichskanzler – although eventually Reichskanzler was quietly dropped. To call someone Der Führer usually indicates the person is incorrigibly tyrannical. Translations in context of "my führer" in English-Spanish from Reverso Context: This isn't important, my führer. As early as July 1921 he had declared the Führerprinzip (“leader principle”) to be the law of the Nazi Party; and in Mein Kampf (1925–27) he asserted that such a dictatorship April 29, 2009 . The term Führer was also used at lower levels, regardless of experience or rank; for example, a Gruppenführer was the leader of a squad of infantry (9 or 10 men). The use of alternative terms like "Chef" (a borrowing from the French, as is the English "chief", e.g. The Enabling Act was renewed twice, in 1937 and 1941, though this was merely a formality with all other parties having been banned. führer, s nm (vieilli) dictateur, maître, commandant (vieilli) chef, satrape, patron, proconsul (vieilli) seigneur, potentat (vieilli) monarque, autocrate [antonyme] démocrate, sujet The word Führer has cognates in the Scandinavian languages, spelled fører in Danish and Norwegian which have the same meaning and use as the German word, but without necessarily having political connotations. Mein Führer war jemand der Salle oder so ähnlich hieß. But I'd be interested in hearing from a native German. mirer. Though this law was in breach of the Enabling Act, which specifically precluded any laws concerning the Presidential office, it was approved by a referendum on 19 August. With Helge Schneider, Ulrich Mühe, Sylvester Groth, Adriana Altaras. fullery. In his political testament, Hitler also referred to himself as Führer der Nation (Leader of the Nation).[12]. The Fuhrer claimed in his will that he was a man of modest means—but he was amassing billions in property, art, and cash. One day before Hindenburg's death, Hitler and his cabinet decreed the "Law Concerning the Highest State Office of the Reich," which stipulated that upon Hindenburg's death, the office of the president was to be merged with that of Chancellor. The usage of the term "Führer" in the context of a company-sized military subunit in the German Army referred to a commander lacking the qualifications for permanent command. my guide. führer (nom masculin) Terme allemand signifiant "guide", qui était le titre qu‘ Adolphe Hitler s'était donn é. Almost every Nazi paramilitary organization, in particular the SS and SA, had Nazi party paramilitary ranks incorporating the title of Führer. furriery. ‘The führer's eyes darkened for a moment, and he grasped Tam's shirt collar, making him gasp, but then seemingly changed his mind about hurting him, laughed, and flung him into the dust.’ ‘Cultic reverence was demanded for the supreme leader, führer or vozhd, who sent commands down through a smoothly functioning hierarchy.’ [16] Historian Loe de Jong speculates on the difference between the two: Führer aller Germanen implied a position separate from Hitler's role as Führer und Reichskanzler des Grossdeutschen Reiches ("Führer and Reich Chancellor of the Greater German Empire"), while germanischer Führer served more as an attribute of that main function. After Hitler's appointment as Reichskanzler (Chancellor of the Reich), Hitler had Reichspräsident Paul von Hindenburg sign the Reichstag Fire Decree under the pretense of a purported Communist uprising. Are you learning Spanish? Under the Nazis, the title Führer was also used in paramilitary titles (see Freikorps). The SS including the Waffen-SS, like all paramilitary Nazi organisations, called all their members of any degree except the lowest Führer of something; thus confusingly, Gruppenführer was also an official rank title for a specific grade of general. murer. Aside from this generic meaning, "Gruppenführer" was also an official rank title for a specific grade of general in the Waffen SS. Exemplos: el televisor, un piso. ‘Like dictators and führers, politicians always come to the scene of a natural disaster carrying a wad of cash.’. This decree suspended most of the civil liberties enshrined in the Weimar Constitution. Examples include Bergführer (mountain guide), Fremdenführer (tourist guide), Geschäftsführer (CEO or EO), Führerschein (driver's license), Führerstand or Führerhaus (driver's cab), Lok(omotiv)führer (train driver), Reiseführer (travel guide book), and Spielführer (team captain — also referred to as Mannschaftskapitän). After all, not only does the word "simply" mean "leader", it is also the simplest word for saying "leader", since it derives from the verb führen ("to lead"). A closer look at the history of the word puts in its proper historical perspective and context.

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