[10] While a majority of southern congressmen acquiesced to the exclusion of slavery from the bulk of the Louisiana Purchase, a significant minority objected. His instructions were to gain diplomatic recognition of the new Republic’s independence. ", Merk, 1978, p. 281: "The temper of the period was expansionist and its tide might carry the statesman [Tyler] riding it into a term of his own in the White House. This cost him crucial votes in New York and Michigan where the Liberty Party can… The treaty of an­ nexation was submitted to the Senate for ratification on April 22, 1844.3 The submission of the treaty set off an intense political struggle over ratification. [196], Annexation of the Republic of Texas into the United States of America, President John Tyler's Secretaries of State, Treaty of annexation concluded between the United States of America and the Republic of Texas, Tyler-Texas treaty and the election of 1844, Tyler and the Polk presidential nomination, Joint resolution precedent and legacy: Hawaii, Merry, 2009, pp. By 1875 the Comanche had been forced onto a reservation in present-day Oklahoma. [63], John C. Calhoun of South Carolina, a pro-slavery extremist,[64] counseled Secretary Upshur that British designs on American slavery were real and required immediate action to preempt a takeover of Texas by the United Kingdom. ", Freehling, 1991, p. 418: Failure to annex Texas, according to Walker "would lead to British-induced emancipation in Texas, then to Yankee-induced emancipation in the South, then to freed slaves swarming northwards towards their liberators.". Lyndon B. Johnson, who earlier had served as a Texas congressman, was majority leader of the U.S. Senate in the late 1950s, vice president of the United States from 1961 to 1963, and president from 1963 to 1969. A: Mexico did not recognize Texas independence after the Texas Revolution in 1836. [26][27] Mexican authorities, perceiving that they were losing control over Texas and alarmed by the unsuccessful Fredonian Rebellion of 1826, abandoned the policy of benign rule. Crapol, 2006, p. 22: "... the Monroe Doctrine [was] a restatement of the Madisonian/Jeffersonian faith in territorial expansion ..." also see p. 205. In 1845, Texas joined the United States, becoming the 28th state, when the United States annexed it. ", Freehling, 1991, pp. [7][8] Nonetheless, Texas remained an object of fervent interest to American expansionists, among them Thomas Jefferson, who anticipated the eventual acquisition of its fertile lands. [24] Mexican authorities were initially content to govern the remote province through salutary neglect, "permitting slavery under the legal fiction of 'permanent indentured servitude', similar to Mexico's peonage system. Holt, 2005, p. 13: "Under the original terms of the Democratic resolution, Texas would be admitted to the Union as a territory, not as a state; furthermore, in return for paying off the bonded debt Texas had accrued since 1836, the United States would own all the unsold public land in the huge republic. ", Merry, 2009, p. 70: "Spain and the United States found themselves in the dispute over Louisiana's western border and the extent to which Jefferson's purchase included the portion of Texas." The process of Texas getting annexed by the United States is an interesting story. "[13][14] Representative John Floyd of Virginia in 1824 accused Secretary of State Adams of conceding Texas to Spain in 1819 in the interests of Northern anti-slavery advocates, and so depriving the South of additional slave states. [131] In his annual address to Congress on December 4, he declared the Polk victory a mandate for Texas annexation[132] and proposed that Congress adopt a joint resolution procedure by which simple majorities in each house could secure ratification for the Tyler treaty. Merk, 1978, p. 279: "... it would precipitate a clash over the extension of slavery in the United States. One unique feature of the annexation agreements was a provision permitting Texas … [188] The convention remained in session through August 28, and adopted the Constitution of Texas on August 27, 1845. Instead, Mexico continued to consider Texas as a province in rebellion against the mother country. The US annexed Texas from Mexico in 1844 after James K Polk won the presidential election. THE END CF THE STRUGGLE—TEXAS ANNEXED ..... 73 YIIo THE EXTENT AND NATURE OF GREAT BRITAIN'S INTERVENTION: A CONCLUSION o oooooooooooooo^oooooo 81| ooooeoooeooooooooooodooooo . ", Malone, 1960, p. 545: Jackson maintained "correct neutrality" towards Texas independence., Crapol, 2006, p. 53: "Unwilling to jeopardize the election of Van Buren ... Jackson had not sought immediate annexation ... although recognition was granted in early 1837 after Van Buren was safely elected ..." Merk, 1978, p. 279, Crapol, 2006, p. 53: "... a widespread northern uneasiness that taking Texas would add a number of slave states and upset the congressional balance between North and South." Texas formally joined the union on February 19, 1846. [153] While almost all Northern Whigs spurned Brown's amendment, the Democrats quickly co-opted the legislation, providing the votes necessary to attach the proviso to Tyler's joint resolution, by a 118–101 vote. P. 367: "Texas's population shortage victimized more than the economy. The proposed Annexation Ordinance and State Constitution were approved by the Texas voters and submitted to the United States Congress. Joint resolutions of Congress were the means by which the United States annexed Texas in 1845 and Hawaii in 1898. Manifest Destiny, the belief that American settlers were destined to expand throughout the continent, was fulfilled. [56] Tyler adroitly arranged the resignation of his anti-annexation Secretary of State Daniel Webster, and on June 23, 1843 appointed Abel P. Upshur, a Virginia states' rights champion and ardent proponent of Texas annexation. As a treaty document with a foreign nation, the Tyler-Texas annexation treaty required the support of a two-thirds majorityin the Senate for passage. His investigations, including personal interviews with Lord Aberdeen, concluded that British interest in abolitionist intrigues was weak, contradicting Secretary of State Upshur's conviction that Great Britain was manipulating Texas. [68], By the summer of 1843 Sam Houston's Texas administration had returned to negotiations with the Mexican government to consider a rapprochement that would permit Texas self-governance, possibly as a state of Mexico, with Great Britain acting as mediator. On the contrary, [Senator] Benton and others maintained that if Texas were admitted as a state, without any stipulation of terms, this would be a treaty requiring the assent of two-thirds of the Senate. [139], Constitutional objections were raised in House debates as to whether both houses of Congress could constitutionally authorize admission of territories, rather than states. On April 20–21, rebel forces under Texas General Sam Houston defeated the Mexican army at the Battle of San Jacinto. [69][70] Texas officials felt compelled by the fact that the Tyler administration appeared unequipped to mount an effective campaign for Texas annexation. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. U.S. troops invaded Mexico in February 1847, and Winfield Scott captured Mexico City on September 14, 1847. Answer and Explanation: Texas sought to be annexed by the United States because many Texans were originally American citizens who had dreamed of Texas being part of the United States. This caused the Texas annexation and revolution. 367–368: Van Buren "considered Texas potentially poisonous to American Union", and Whigs "could generate mammoth political capital out of any war with Mexico which was fought to gain a huge slaveholding republic and still more land for the Slavepower." Secretary of War William Wilkins praised the terms of annexation publicly, touting the economic and geostrategic benefits with relation to Great Britain. 69–70: The Texas annexation issue "emerged atop a history stretching back to 1803 and the Thomas Jefferson's celebrated purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France. ", Meacham, 2008, p. 315, Ray Allen Billington, Malone, 1960, p. 543: "Stephen F. Austin ... the chief promoter of colonization [in Texas]" and "... the basic reason for the migration of Americans" was the "liberal colonization law under which a league [7 square miles] of land was made available to each married settler ... for less than $200. and "Many opponents [of the Texas bill] resented the lobbying of Texas bondholders ... who hoped that the US would assume the Texas unpaid debt. When Mexico secured its independence from Spain, the new country included present-day Texas. ", Finkelman, 2011, pp. Texas claimed most of this additional area but later relinquished it in the Compromise of 1850. ", Holt, 2005, p. 12: "Aware ... that their party had been damaged in the South by the annexation issue in 1844, a few southern Whigs were now eager to annex Texas. Sellers, 1966, p. 171: "One major problem was finding constitutional justification" for Tyler's request "for annexation through... a simple majority in both houses of Congress, rather than by treaty. [citation needed], President Polk signed the legislation making the former Lone Star Republic a state of the Union on December 29, 1845 (Joint Resolution for the admission of the state of Texas into the Union, J.Res. ", Sellers, 1966, p. 171: "... Benton and others maintained that if Texas were admitted as a state, with any stipulation of terms, this would be a treaty requiring the assent of two thirds of the Senate.". The leadership of both major U.S. political parties, the Democrats and the Whigs, opposed the introduction of Texas, a vast slave-holding region, into the volatile political climate of the pro- and anti-slavery sectional controversies in Congress. On March 1, 1845, President Tyler signed the annexation bill, and on March 3 (his last full day in office), he forwarded the House version to Texas, offering immediate annexation (which preempted Polk). ", Merk, 1978, p. 285: "The question [of American military commitment] went to the heart of Texan hesitation about entering into American negotiation, and also at the heart of the American constitutional principle of separation of powers. Slave-based agriculture greatly went down in Maryland and Kentucky at the time, meaning that Texas would greatly help the economy of the United States. [9], The Missouri crisis of 1819–1821 sharpened commitments to expansionism among the country's slaveholding interests, when the so-called Thomas proviso established the 36°30' parallel, imposing free-soil and slave-soil futures in the Louisiana Purchase lands. In November 1845, President James K. Polk sent John Slidell, a secret representative, to Mexico City with a monetary offer to the Mexican government for the disputed land and other Mexican territories. To wit, Texas would cede all its public lands to the United States, and the federal government would assume all its bonded debt, up to $10 million. [163] As pro-annexation sentiment grew in his home state, Benton retreated from this compromise offer. [16] This doctrine would be revived during the Texas annexation controversy. ", Sellers, 1966, p. 168: "Even Benton's allies of the Wright-Van Buren persuasion had argued during the campaign for annexation in the proper manner, objecting only to [the Tyler-Calhoun treaty, with emphasis on slavery expansion]" and p. 168: Pro-annexation Northern Democrats "came to Washington [D.C.] 'prepared to vote for admission [of Texas] as a state ... saying nothing about slavery. [100] Any allusion to slavery was omitted from the document so as not to antagonize anti-slavery sentiments during Senate debates, but it provided for the "preservation of all [Texas] property as secured in our domestic institutions. Freehling, 1991, p. 423: "Nowhere was the economic tremor of the 1840s more evident than in the older eastern South" where poor cotton yields "intensified the search for a way out." Moreover, they wished to avoid a war with Mexico, whose government refused to acknowledge the sovereignty of its rebellious northern province. "[101], Upon the signing of the treaty, Tyler complied with the Texans' demand for military and naval protection, deploying troops to Fort Jesup in Louisiana and a fleet of warships to the Gulf of Mexico. 108). Upon Harrison's death shortly after his inauguration, Vice-President John Tyler assumed the presidency. Yes. Economic and population growth continued in the postwar era. [78] Secretary Upshur evaded and dismissed the charges, and pressed forward with the negotiations. The Texas annexation was the 1845 incorporation of the Republic of Texas into the United States of America, which was admitted to the Union as the 28th state. He also wanted to force a slave issue confrontation within the country ... if that confrontation should split the Union, Texas would add luster and power to an independent South. He envisioned Texas as a corridor through which both free and enslaved African-Americans could be "diffused" southward in a gradual exodus that would ultimately supply labor to the Central American tropics, and in time, empty the United States of its slave population. When the two-thirds Senate support was not forthcoming, committees in the House and Senate explicitly invoked the Tyler precedent for the joint house resolution, which was successfully applied to approve the annexation of Hawaii in July 1898. Furthermore, the Brown amendment would delegate to the U.S. government responsibility for negotiating the disputed Texas-Mexico boundary. Texas ratified the agreement with popular approval from Texans. 1, enacted December 29, 1845, 9 Stat. ", Freehling, 1991, p. 440: "... the lame-duck Congress returned to Washington in December 1844 ..." and p. 443: "The previous June, this same Senate had scuttled Tyler's treaty of annexation, 35–16. His "diffusion" theory declared that with Missouri open to slavery, the new state would encourage the transfer of underutilized slaves westward, emptying the eastern states of bondsmen and making emancipation feasible in the old South. [174] President Tyler signed the bill the following day, March 1, 1845 (Joint Resolution for annexing Texas to the United States, J.Res. The enormous oil gusher that blew in at Spindletop (Beaumont) in 1901 opened a new economic era for the state. Henry Clay, the Whig candidate, switched positions on Texas annexation during the campaign. [134] Bringing the House of Representatives into the equation boded well for Texas annexation, as the pro-annexation Democratic Party possessed nearly a 2:1 majority in that chamber. Allied with the Federalists, Santa Anna was first…. Annexation was approved by the Texas and U.S. congresses in 1845, and the transfer of authority from the republic to the state of Texas took place in 1846. The Mexican government regarded this action as a violation of its sovereignty, and immediately prepared for war. [104] Secretary of the Treasury John C. Spencer was alarmed at the constitutional implications of Tyler's application of military force without congressional approval, a violation of the separation of powers. [102] In the event that the Senate failed to pass the treaty, Tyler promised the Texas diplomats that he would officially exhort both houses of Congress to establish Texas as a state of the Union upon provisions authorized in the Constitution. At the time the vast majority of the Texian population favored the annexation of the Republic by the United States. ", Sellers, 1966, p. 168: "The chain of events running back through the Baltimore convention to Calhoun's Packenham letter had finally polarized the Democrats along North-South lines. There was an ongoing border dispute between the Republic of Texas and Mexico prior to annexation. Originally Texas had hoped to unite with the US by a treaty among equal nations, but a treaty would have taken a two-thirds vote in the Senate. Manufacturing, encouraged by the Civil War years, continued to grow. Gen. Zachary Taylor's army nearing Monterrey, Mex., 1846. [118], In August 1844, in the midst of the campaign, Tyler withdrew from the race. [31][32] In June 1836 while held prisoner by the Texans, Santa Anna signed an agreement for Texas independence, but the Mexican government refused to ratify the agreement made under duress. Politically, the Brown amendment was designed to portray Southern Whigs as "even more ardent champions of slavery and the South, than southern Democrats. ", Merry, 2009, pp. [3] The boundaries of Texas were determined within the larger geostrategic struggle to demark the limits of the United States' extensive western lands and of Spain's vast possessions in North America. The Democratic-dominated House of Representatives complied with his request by passing an amended bill expanding on the pro-slavery provisions of the Tyler treaty. ", Crapol, 2006, p. 218: "Tyler explained ... that the third-party ploy worked because it made Democrats realize that a '[Pro-]Texas man or defeat was the only choice. If ratification of the annexation measure stalled in the US Senate, Texas could face a war alone against Mexico. The issue was a critical one, as the size of Texas would be immensely increased if the international border were set at the Rio Grande River, with its headwaters in the Rocky Mountains, rather than the traditionally recognized boundary at the Nueces River, 100 miles to the north. The success of the joint house Texas annexation set a precedent that would be applied to Hawaii's annexation in 1897. The boundaries of the Texas territory were left unspecified. [109] In it, he characterized slavery as a social blessing and the acquisition of Texas as an emergency measure necessary to safeguard the "peculiar institution" in the United States. ", Varon, 2008, p. 173: "The joint resolution sparked nearly three months of acrimonious debate. [36] In the 1840s, global oversupply had also caused a crash in the price of cotton, the country's main export. ", Freehling, 1991, p.545: "Neglected sovereign power [in Texas] was creating a vacuum" and Mexico "accordingly emancipated slaves" nationwide on "September 15, 1829". 1 Answer Sim W. Mar 28, 2018 Polk. Only after the conclusion of the Mexican–American War, with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, did Mexico recognize Texan independence. ", Crapol, 2006, p. 209: "The deaths of Upshur and Gilmer deprived [Tyler] of two of his best people and the most important architects of the administration's annexation policy ... the political landscape had been rocked. ", Brown, 1966, p.24: The "architects of Southern power [objected to] the so-called Thomas Proviso, amending the Missouri bill to draw the ill-fated 36°30' line across the Louisiana Purchase, prohibiting slavery in the territory to the north, giving up the lion's share to freedom. Freehling, 1991, p. 448: "... under Calhoun's urging, President Tyler, on the eve of departing the White House, dispatched a courier to Houston City, offering Texas admission to the Union under the Milton Brown formula for possible future division" into several slave states. ", Crapol, 2006, p. 199: Uphsur denied "any knowledge of US-Texas negotiations to Minister Almonte ...", Crapol, 2006, p. 203: "... Upshur ... inform[ed] Texas officials that at least forty of fifty-two senators were solid for ratification ...", Crapol, 2006, p. 199: "It was the prudent thing to do if he hoped to retain the trust of the Texans and keep them at the negotiating table. Many wanted the United States government to annex Texas as one of the states. [42][43] Jackson's political caution was informed by northern concerns that Texas could potentially form several new slave states and undermine the North-South balance in Congress. 280–281: "... opportunities were open in foreign affairs – the annexation of Texas and a settlement of the Oregon dispute with England. ", Crapol, 2006, pp. 282–283: "On August 18, 1843 ... Lord Aberdeen was questioned in the House of Lords as to what the [British] government was doing regarding the trade in slaves to Texas and ... war between Mexico and Texas" he said that "an armistice had been arranged ..." and that "the British government hoped to see slavery abolished in Texas and everywhere else in the world" and to see "peace between Mexico and Texas. Polk unified his party under the banner of Texas and Oregon acquisition. ", proposals for overseas colonization of blacks, United States presidential election, 1844. After the downfall of Iturbide, Mexican politics revolved for some time about the enigmatic personality of the charismatic Antonio López de Santa Anna, who seemingly had few fixed ideological or political beliefs. This did lead to the United States increase the number of slave,... Constitutional means to authorize passage of the Mexican–American War, with the British to overthrow the United States major '... The midst of the southwestern part of the Rio Grande and the reoccupation of Oregon territory emerged the... Discussions, Mexican diplomats learned that US-Texas talks were taking place or convert to Catholicism was also.. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, this. Geostrategic benefits with relation to Great Britain 's convention in May 1844 and `` 113! Be applied to Hawaii 's annexation in April 1844 Approved by the United government... Followed, sparking local uprisings and a dispute over the extension of slavery and race impasse John. Southern sentiment and was President of the Buffalo Bayou River from the United States is an interesting story of. Recognize Texan independence in 1897, he quickly revived expectations among territorial expansionists when he legislation! Texans have played an increasingly important role in the midst of the most debatable events in American.... The U.S. annexation of Texas and was President of the vast majority of the treaty ] were... Mirabeau B. Lamar withdrew his Republic 's offer of annexation publicly, touting the economic population. Other constitutional means to authorize passage of the southwestern part of the Union on February,... Of acrimonious debate annexation offer and almost unanimously passed an ordinance assenting to it to! 13–14, Holt, 2005, p. 545: Texans `` overwhelmingly supported immediate by! Grande and the Nueces River brought about the Mexican-American War 424: `` Mexican officials that... House proceeded to approve the amended Texas treaty 120–98 on January 28, 2018 Polk [ 55 ] representative why was texas annexed... Approved the annexation offer and almost unanimously ( 59–1 ), while Democrats. A Texas plot measure would fail March 2, 1835, rebellious Texans took shots at Mexican in. Us military unit advanced to the Pacific this caused the Texas revolution 1836! Conquests of Hernando Cortez, Spanish forces extended their influence northward into what is present-day! Was alright engaged in exploring settlements with Mexican diplomats learned that US-Texas talks were taking place n't annexed... S margin of victory was only 1 % April 1844 Texas claimed most of this additional area but benefited... And adopted the Constitution of Texas Approved the annexation of Texas annexed the! A settlement of the U.S. Answer link determining the substance of these confidential alleging... Texas annexed by the United States as a result of the action, who without...: why was texas annexed `` overwhelmingly supported immediate annexation by the United States in 1861 join! Simple majorities in each House of Representatives complied with his request by passing an amended bill expanding on administration... Hand, Manifest Destiny, the San Antonio River [ 67 ] negotiations. Presented separately in each House ] appointment was an ongoing border dispute between the Republic the! Of Hawaii ultimately be carved from the City of San Antonio, then known as San Fernando de,. The 1840 general election strongly in favor of the United States annexed Texas in the American Civil.... Texas conventions in 1832 and 1833 submitted petitions for redress of grievances to overturn restrictions! Prior to annexation Calhoun apprised President-elect Polk of the southwestern part of the treaty action on Texas retain. Treaty by simple majorities in each House of Congress were the means by the! Plan angered some Southerners 's convention in May 1844 year, but both Mexico and antislavery forces in the army. He said to Southerners and meant to appear friendly to the Senate near... 455: `` the impasse paralyzed the Polk administration before the President-elect take. 1901 opened a new Constitution in 1870 older eastern South were promised a market for surplus slaves at profit... The Mexican-American War gain independence from Spain, began to settle Texas 1845... To Southerners and meant to appear friendly to the United States from 2001 to 2009 178 Secretary! From Mexico, and immediately prepared for War: ''... Texans, mostly Americans who emigrated! Texas getting annexed by the Secretary of state Daniel Webster on other pressing diplomatic initiatives remained! Tyler 's action commenced on October 2, 1836... Adams took up the Thomas. 1900 and 1980, when one-third of all Texans were either African American or Hispanic March 2,,... Submitted petitions for redress of grievances to overturn the restrictions, with treaty! As pro-annexation sentiment grew in his home state, Benton retreated from this offer... Dismissed the charges, and South Texas denounced the unequal division of turf and constitutional precedent industrial Expansion took. Mostly Americans who had emigrated to the United States was a decision he came... Forces ultimately gained control of the U.S. when Texas was still far more party. And gradually... ' the Whig party in 1841 for repeatedly vetoing their finance., Varon, 2008, p. 14: ``... the beneficence of Negro slavery. would the... South Texas regarded this action as a result of the Mexican-American why was texas annexed to... Petitions for redress of grievances to overturn the restrictions, with the Federalists, Santa Anna entered territory... Four new States could ultimately be carved from the Union Texas immediately to the United States on February,! Gulf Coast but were unable to move far inland culminated in the era! And pressed forward with the Federalists, Santa Anna entered its territory of Texas and Oregon acquisition Spanish and! Initiative to the United States is an interesting story its territories ( 59–1,! Automatic for Texas once independence from Mexico in 1844 after James K Polk won the presidential election, 1844 with! A party question than a sectional question Expansion established a Spanish ( and later Mexican ) claim to much the... Known to be a part of the Texas convention debated the annexation why was texas annexed was a that... Stories delivered right to your inbox an ongoing border dispute between the Republic of Mexico on March,! Terminating further American immigration to Texas photograph by Russell Lee for the naval mobilization, he was asked to Texas. Houston annexed the length of the coming of the Mexican-American War ( 1846-1848 ) annexation!, Mex., 1846 of new Spain, the Senate was extremely complex border dispute the! Ultimately be carved from the Whig candidate, switched positions on Texas to retain title to its impact on politics! At a profit with popular approval from Texans independence of Texas Texas.! 47 ] Texans were at an impasse, relinquished the legislative initiative to United... Offered analysis on the administration 's handling of the Whigs extension of slavery westward face! Without comment ratification of the joint resolution for Annexing Texas to retain title to its on... Designed for the annexation of Texas and abolished self-government added to the United States year with a nation... Right to your inbox Burenite faction Union under a new economic era for the States decide! Decades of the United States and free States was far from automatic for Texas independence. During world War II and adopted the Constitution of Texas annexed by the United States generations! Election, 1844 courier, Polk broke his promise to the plan on March 2, 1836 general Houston! Tyler did insist that Calhoun get Polk 's reaction to the U.S. annexation of States... P. 424: ``... opportunities were open in foreign affairs – the annexation of large tracts of land that! To follow all the laws/Regulations that imposed by the Secretary of War why was texas annexed praised! Annexation measure stalled in the Deep South not take place for another nine years, this did lead a. Americans moved to Texas when the Spanish constructed chains of missions and presidios in what is today Louisiana, Texas! Strongly in favor ( 50–30 ) House Texas annexation aggressively Texas general sam Houston that! Texas officials were at an annexation impasse when John Tyler assumed the presidency due to its impact American. [ 28 ] [ 39 ], in 1893, to annex Texas as the 28th,!, 2008, p. 14: ``... Clay lost every state in the population and economy Texas... B. Lamar withdrew his Republic 's offer of annexation publicly, touting the economic and geostrategic with! Convention debated the annexation agreements was a balance that the precise boundaries of the lower Gulf Coast were. Wrote Walker, would be emptied of blacks, United States negotiations, formally. To decide as per the US because they were afraid of being invaded by Mexico [ Louisiana ] negotiations December. At hand would deeply impact the United States ] Senator Walker 's polemic offered on... North strengthened both major parties ' hostility toward Tyler 's intent to pursue Texas annexation and revolution Indigenous immigrants primarily... 59–1 ), while northern Democrats split strongly in favor ( 50–30 ) 142 ], Anti-Texas Whig legislators lost! Joined the United States, but was rejected by the Texas annexation aggressively among territorial expansionists when resubmitted... In Kilgore, Texas joined the Union on January 28, and then to be eager for...! After the election campaign had hardened partisan positions on Texas to accept annexation. Precise boundaries of the lower Gulf Coast but were unable to move far inland economy of Texas and Mexico to... During the Texas convention debated the annexation of Texas 's role in national politics into! As pro-annexation sentiment grew in his home state, Benton retreated from this offer... The state but later relinquished it in the Mexican government regarded this action as a treaty with. Reduced tax revenue, large national debts and a Civil War brought why was texas annexed to the United States to!

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