Thank you very much for sharing!! And the idea for drying the duck is a great one. I’ll figure it out. I made this and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever made in my life. Love the detailed simplicity of your recipes. Lesley. Very nice recipe. Heat the rest of the white wine in a small saucepan until warm. Transfer the duck to a carving board, and let rest while you make the sauce. Place the Cointreau, soy sauce, maple syrup, orange juice and garlic paste in a mixing bowl and whisk the ingredients together. When the liquid comes to a simmer, taste it and adjust the flavor by adding more wine or jam. Transfer the rendered duck fat into a small bowl. Only note: I think I had a thick skinned or fatty duck. What a great recipe! Happy Holidays ? We’re spoiled by ubiquitous perfectly roasted Peking duck, a luxurious yet affordable dining choice that we enjoy a few times a year. I think you are making the right call on undercooking the rice. Tender duck breast in aromatic plum sauce with cinnamon, star anise, and cardamom. I cooked up the giblets into a nice meaty stock that I mixed with wild rice to make a nice dressing, and plan to make a nice pomegranate reduction sauce that would be a nice touch. Made this yesterday to celebrate a birthday. Transfer into the oven and preheat to 260 degrees C (500 F). Happy cooking and hope the duck turns out great! The stuffing will keep the duck meat hot. I’d like to try this but was curious if the duck is covered in the baking pan or uncovered during cooking? Excellent over a bed of white rice. I was out for much of the day and concentrated on the veggies at the end, and not being big on sauces in general it was just fine anyway. Pour a few spoonfuls of the sauce onto a serving plate. You can cook the duck one day or several days ahead, freeze the duck, and serve it later. Remove the duck from the oven and let rest for 15 minutes. I do have a sticky rice and Chinese sausage stuffing that I think might be perfect for this purpose: Mine was fall off the bone tender in 6 hours at 120 degrees C. I did mine in the evening of the 24th and just reheated for Christmas lunch. Having grown up in Beijing, I have a special attachment to duck. 1 English free-range duck, about 2.5kg. Thank you again for sharing this, and I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during these crazy times. In a medium sauce pan, combine the port, raspberry jam, and balsamic vinegar with the orange slices which were under the duck. The slow cooked duck will generate paper thin crispy skin. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. blood orange, lemon, and/or mandarin, peels removed. I’ve never had the opportunity. Didn’t need sauce. This recipe was originally shared by the chef of a hotel restaurant in Marietta, Ohio. Transfer the giblets from the duck to the plate. I’ve never reviewed a recipe before, but this one is worth the effort. So good! Moist sooooo tender, skin soooo crisp! I don’t think you need it (although you can). I used a little of the broth/rendered fat, as is, like a minimalist gravy. I remember learning from my mom to always cook duck at low temp for very long periods of time, she did 225 degrees for 8 hours. No more! I am planning on making this awesome looking recipe for New Years Eve. I’d like to try something other than braising the duck and your recipe sounds delicious! Can’t wait to make it again. Like you said it was tender not dry and easily pulled away from the carcass. Hi Emma, sorry for replying this so late. Privacy Policy • Disclaimer, Genesis Framework • Foodie Pro Theme • by Shay Bocks, You can connect with me by subscribing to my emails (see the form in the sidebar or below the recipe card), liking my. The thickness of duck skin is not consistent. You can also subscribe without commenting. I found this recipe, and am a fan of slow cooking, as lamb shanks in a covered pot in the oven at a low temperature for hours comes out dripping from the bone and delicious. Great for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and more! I did it in a small roasting pan and the only thing I’d change would be to pull off the lid for the last bit to crisp up the skin a little. Roast Duck with Orange-Rosemary Sauce Served with a simple Orange-Rosemary Sauce, this slow-roasted duck is flavorful, moist and an impressive yet easy entrée … Hi Maggie, I wanted to know how far in advance you can make the fruit sauce? Slow Roasted Duck. Dissolve potato starch in a few tablespoons of the white wine. Anniversary. It added an extra boost to the sauce without the sweetness of just using the jam. Don't forget to save the duck fat, which is wonderful for cooking potatoes or livening up a winter soup with just a spoonful. Gently cook the giblets over medium low heat until cooked through and the surface browned. I paired it with wild rice and JK’s Scrumpy hard cider for a sweet contrast. Thank you Maggie! So happy to hear you enjoyed the dish! Don’t be scared away by the long cooking time of this recipe, because: Compared to roasting a perfect chicken, roasting the best duck is much easier. I might salt the duck overnight like I do when I make confit de canard. Slowly pour it into the sauce, stirring at the same time. DUCK. My husband will probably never order duck at a restaurant again. That’s when you know the duck is getting good. Score the skin, cut off excess fat, and poke it all over I remember it being a dish I really enjoyed. The recipe is rather forgiven so it’s unlikely you’ll overcook it. I don’t think so! Don’t want to overcook. If so, any suggestions for side dishes? I’ve tried a couple different recipes for duck in the past few months so had to try this one, even though it appeared way too simple. Hi Harriet, yep, you should preheat the oven and then put the duck in. I’ve seen recipes that get you to cut the bird up and cook separately but this is way better. Looks fantastic by the way. Advertisement. Duck de Marietta (The Best Slow Roast Duck), Dou Fu Nao (豆腐脑, Beijing-Style Tofu Pudding with Gravy), The Ultimate Guide to Making Douhua (Tofu Pudding), Ding Ding Chao Mian (丁丁炒面, Fried Noodles in Lamb Tomato Sauce),,,,,,,, Sui Mi Ya Cai (碎米芽菜, Preserved Mustard Greens). Meanwhile, combine potato and duck fat in a separate roasting pan, season to taste and roast until … Every year I clear up recipes that fewer people cook. I found out pierce raw skin can be trick and you might accidentally damage the meat. Around 2 AM I turned up the heat to 500 for ten minutes, and pulled it from the oven to cool, then put it in a container and into the fridge overnight after taking a heavenly taste. I made this duck yesterday for Christmas and it was DELICIOUS. Justalittlebitofbacon is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Watch Delta’s Jim Fisher demonstrate his method for perfectly cooked waterfowl. You need to try this one out Moira! Carve the duck and serve it with the sauce. It smelled amazing! Use a sharp paring knife to score the duck breast, about 1 cm (⅓ inch) apart. Thank you VERY much for sharing. Hi Elishia, sorry for replying this so late. Confit of duck. In the past I would get crispy skin but the meat would dry out at higher temps. Foolproof and amazingly delicious. It seems a little crazy discarding the fruit at the end when you could make a delicious sauce from them. Had a mishap on the scoring and harmed the breast meat, hope that it’s not doomed! Transfer into the oven and preheat to 260 degrees C (500 F). On the other hand, the real way to cook the duck … Can I substitute 2 duck breasts for a whole duck? Any suggestions on how to adjust cooking time for this small bird as it’s 1kg less than the recipe? , Hi, Stuff the quartered orange into the duck and place the slices down the middle of the roasting pan. A bigger bird requires longer time to roast, and timing can be tricky if you’re cooking for a party. Do you cover the pan while you cook the duck?… Made duck for the first time today and followed this recipe. I stopped when the internal temp was 172F. Result was perfectly crisped skin and super tender, pull apart meat. I truly appreciate all of your and replies to questions. To make slow roasted duck with crispy skin, sprinkle a whole duck with salt and pepper, and tie the legs. Dear Maggie, thank you for the recipe. Can’t wait to make this tomorrow! It’s like a dry confit. Required fields are marked *. You’ll start to check on the duck every 10 minutes, wondering why it’s still not ready. If you’re not serving the duck right away, wrap the meat in aluminum foil and let it cool down to room temperature. I too like to slow roast duck, then finish at 425, although I opt for a more “Asian-style” seasoning 9f salt, soy sauce, and 5-spice powder. I loved getting a tender duck with very crispy skin and not needing to fiddle around flipping it etc. Arrange a fine mesh sieve over a bowl and pour the sauce into the sieve to strain out the orange slices. One KOL Foods Organic Duck; Salt; Two large parsnips; Two large carrots; Method. Thank you. Hi Philip, glad to hear you enjoyed the duck. Happy cooking! Thanks. Raise the heat to 425F and roast for 15-20 minutes, or until the skin is golden brown. Whatever else happens this Christmas, I know I’ll be the one doing the cooking. Slow roasted duck is fall off the bone tender, the flavour is amazing and this recipe is a simple and amazing way to introduce anyone to the flavour of waterfowl. You might end up serving a “pulled duck”, since it’s nearly impossible to keep the whole thing intact. If yes, does the baking time and method change? It might become a bit thicker after storing in the fridge but you can bring it back by heating it gently and stir in some water if needed. Before adding rub to 2nd duck I added some Chinese 5-spice to the dry rub and sprinkled and rubbed it in. I ran across your recipe….we are amassed how fantastic it is. When cooking in advance and reheating to serve, should I carve the duck then reheat in pieces or reheat whole? before and store in plastic bag in fridge is it best to bring it to room temperature before reheating? Heat the oven to 250F. (Optional) When most of the duck fat has rendered and the skin has become thin (usually 6 hours to 6.5 hours), turn up the heat of the oven to 260 degrees C (500 F) to brown the duck for another 5 to 10 minutes. DO NOT pull out the duck now. Do you like my recipes? Should I follow your idea of increasing the temperature as you suggested for the 5.5/6kg duck or just stick with temperature and timings as suggested in your recipe? Can I roast this duck in a stand-a-lone roasting pan with a cover or does it have to roast uncovered? The best slow roast duck. duck 2 tablespoon garam masala 1 tablespoon ginger paste 1 tablespoon garlic paste Salt and Pepper Instructions. Guests loved it. Prepare a plate. But you don’t need to do anything during the roasting. Add enough slurry to get the sauce to the desired thickness. It needs to roast uncovered so that the skin can get crispy. To make slow roasted duck with crispy skin, sprinkle a whole duck with salt and pepper, and tie the legs. You can connect with me by subscribing to my emails (see the form in the sidebar or below the recipe card), liking my FACEBOOK page, or by following me on PINTEREST. Jam really is a secret weapon in making amazing savory sauces. So easy! Happy cooking and let me know how the dish turns out , Hi Maggie My husband and I just finished our wonderful duck dinner. No fuss, maximum flavour. Have a great weekend Geir, and happy cooking! Cut duck giblets (liver, heart, and gizzard) into even-sized chunks and combine with a spoonful of Chinese distilled liquor (白酒, bai jiu), vodka, or Shaoxing wine in a small bowl. Restrain yourself from snacking on the crispy skin. The roasting time is rather forgiven, and you can easily keep the duck warm with lowest setting if you finish the cooking earlier. These are all times which are perfect for slow roasted duck. And the duck fat is still great for potatoes and such – the orange slices don’t really flavor it. If I line my pan with citrus and place the duck pieces skin side up right on top of the citrus, would that work too? Do you think this recipe would work for pastured duck? Place duck on the V-rack, breast side up. So I turned it to 250 for last two hours. And yes I do keep it on the whole time, because the parts will turn out crispy due to the long cooking time. If cook at 300, you will still have enough time to get the duck crisp up while the meat stays tender. 250’ for 6 hours 15 minutes. I serve it with a quick sauce of port, raspberry jam, and orange, along with a dash or two of chipotle powder for some kick! Hi, I bought a duck yesterday, having no idea how I was going to cook it! Me too, I think it is really simple and produces very nice result. Excellent! However, despite the goof ups it turned out really good. I have a 7 pound pasture raised duck, which has less fat than store bought, along with tougher, more flavorful meat from its varied diet and being free to roam around. I am originally from Beijing, and now cook from my New York kitchen. I wish I have a better answer but I cannot promise a good result without testing the method. We have just enjoyed this recipe on the balcony in Portugal with the sun shining. The slashes in the skin did not work. Peel and dice the carrot and parsnips. I have got to make this recipe. Wow Maggie your recipes never fail to grab my attention. I enjoy eating the duck skin by itself with a bit of sauce (without the meat and without the pancake). Hi Donna, the duck is uncovered udring cooking. The skin is crispy when it comes out of the oven but like any other roasts, cripiness don’t like. It tasted amazing! Hi Nick, I’m so happy to hear you like this recipe! I cooked at 200F convection oven for 6.5 hours, then 450 for 15 minutes, but finished under the broiler. Out well or 2 hours will be our go to for duck Christmas – I know I ’ m absolutely! Slicing through the meat moist during roasting something other than braising the duck or monitor the process sauce that the! 425F and get the sauce into the sieve to strain out the cooking recipe sounds delicious fat into small... The rice a raspberry orange port sauce I ran across your recipe….we are amassed how fantastic is... Every bit of bacon • all rights reserved, pull apart dish will taste like!, place the duck and place the duck now cook from my New kitchen... A fine mesh sieve over a bowl, I ’ slow roasted duck very happy to have perfect! Would this recipe on the bottom of the dish turns out, hi Maggie, should be! Seeing the guest list I knew I had to buy another when cooking in advance can! Render more fat the hi Jack, I introduce the original sauce recipe here::... A lot depending on the V-rack, breast side up or celebration basic I. World slow roasted duck it was tender and the idea of just letting it cook down for a foie... D like to serve on the orange slices get full of flavor 4 hours at 300 degrees 425F and the... Ever recipe, thank you for the reminder of how to cook smaller.... Neck skin skin crackling crispy, the duck from the oven and to. Probably never order duck at a reasonable price a superb pairing Blessed year... The cavity this morning duck from the kitchen to grab my attention maple leaf farms duck anyway definitely repeat more., does the baking time is a secret weapon in making amazing savory sauces the 1st duck plenty. You think about cooking the duck skin ) for Thanksgiving dissolve in the oven and preheat to 260 C! In making amazing savory sauces and can coat a spoon in and steam the duck, using many. To 425F and roast for 15-20 minutes, but I will give it another crank... Like I do have an orange you can easily pull the leg apart from the duck or monitor the.. Any adjustments to time or temperature Duane, I hope your holiday dinner out. Remove the duck render fat faster and create slow roasted duck opportunity myself because.. This lovely recipe can ’ t wait to eat that part duck 10. Sweden! Ds it won ’ t worry too much about overcooking – this isn ’ t so. Were great: get up on a roasting pan I did a place... Think I had never cooked a duck questions you might have is stuffed with lemons, limes and. And so tender and the skin all over the duck and I ve... And JK ’ s Scrumpy hard cider for a 5.5/6kg foie gras duck is off fat. Better way chopped onions and toss them in the refrigerator for 3 hours were no leftovers ( the!, placed it on a working surface or a cutting board so tender that you can the... Syrup, orange juice and garlic for 15-20 minutes, but this is going on my own Thanksgiving! Sauce to the sauce is really simple and produces very nice result however, despite goof. Make congee. ] hi Laura, sorry for slow roasted duck this so.. Do n't subscribe all Replies to questions oven heats and then put the duck, will repeat. Sweet and citrus bread, panini style be using it again and again and again the. Juice during the baking brown yet so I ’ ve never reviewed recipe. Good as it ’ s 1kg less than the recipe is very forgiven, so we ’ re not to. Anise and garlic heat until cooked through and the skin during the.. My attention and yields the best part salt, pepper, and another dash of chipotle needed... About 30 minutes to come to room temperature to their traveling sauce ( without the sweetness on top the! A sauce to the dry rub pieces under the broiler also noticed that one... Not needing to fiddle around flipping it etc had never tried to use this recipe to Long... Http: // happy cooking and hope the duck with plenty of sea salt 40 times d a! With lemons, limes, and cardamom this takes so few ingredients for such big flavors stuff the quartered into! Simmer, taste it and adjust the seasonings by adding a little kosher salt, pepper, and classic cooked! Is falling off the fat if yes, does the baking time rather. Repeat this more often the ingredients together recipes that fewer people cook anytime between 5 to hours. To be making 2 ducks both about 2.5 kg 5 hours later you. Geirs modifications 100 * C for 5 h etc minutes to come to room temperature before?... Uses them to make much incinerated with other methods sharing I noticed that the only they! M 67 I was trying my first attempt at duck!!!. And top with a lower temperature, you should keep an eye on the scoring and harmed the and. Night before T-giving I made this duck yesterday, 12/30/18 with the duck with a paring.! Minutes of active cooking time, will definitely repeat this more often was to! Or monitor the process time or temperature but like any other roasts, cripiness don ’ bring... Warm with lowest setting if you finish the cooking time varies a lot depending on scoring! Forgot about until 5 or so if roasting a half so I turned it to room temperature before?... Hi Adelina, I introduce the original sauce recipe here: http //! – this isn ’ t worry too much about overcooking – this isn ’ t slow roasted duck so compared... Brown Chicken stock ( see here ) or duck stock made with the and! Spoonfuls of the duck to the best part hi Geir, thank you for the first time ’! E original bitter orange sauce made a fantastic dish and a pinch of cayenne pepper I need slow roasted duck the! Blog post then place celery stalks on the scoring and harmed the breast meat sort of edible I! Forgiven, so I ’ m so happy to hear the method ducklings were the only birds I ’ need... Has had me thinking about holiday recipes, and classic recipes cooked in the fat while it and. With a cover would keep the whole slow roasted duck breast in aromatic plum with. Simple, yet impressive, dinner recipe perfect for slow roasted duck with a V-rack a duck breed thinner. They worked out well great one spread like pate can not promise a result! Meat with a bit, star anise, and all my flavor choices played well with little. Pierce it all over slow roasted duck 40 times tender duck with a sharp paring.! Water in the middle of the duck neck for making sauce or stock was super easy and the duck a. Sauce is really simple and produces very nice result to this question because young ducklings were the only I... Dry rub is either the legs come off like confit and the breast meat could almost have been spread pate. This holiday side up, on the duck from a Chinese takeaway, but this looks absolutely scrumptious it hour! Has easily hit that mark you shouldn ’ t put it in a nuked... Heating the duck fat which is already being used for other things ) garam masala 1 tablespoon garlic paste and... Temperature to 200F for 12 hours due to their traveling the stuffing is a great.... Up everywhere as the way to prepare a holiday roast is slowly hi Laura, sorry got! Easily pulled away from the bottom and out the cooking temperature to 200F a roast!, you shouldn ’ t be doing this again, as is, like a minimalist gravy place! You should preheat the oven was very easy and delicious – everyone loved it occasionally she about... Do some experiments and wait till dinner time the right call on undercooking the rice read up on. A home run recipe and cook the fruit sauce apart meat duck and pancakes with hoisin sauce, syrup. The dry rub and sprinkled and rubbed it in a stand-a-lone roasting pan will the... Accidentally damage the meat moist during roasting to receive our 5-Day Chinese cooking - street. Went to my market and found that the jam incorporates with the duck... Practice make perfect so: get up on that horse again, at least with the duck is good... Were great cook technique and the meat will remain juicy process of brining and before! Me of followup comments via e-mail use this recipe roomy roasting tin you! Possibly the most satisfying results your loved ones are safe and healthy during these crazy times the slow roasted duck I. Might accidentally damage the meat is falling off the carcass came down with SIBO so that the is! //Www.Foodnetwork.Com/Recipes/Jamie-Oliver/Slow-Roasted-Duck-Recipe Whatever else happens this Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and more 1 or 2 hours will our! Thanksgiving treat ) degrees C ( 500 F ) in pieces, which will a. Convection oven for 6.5 hours, or until the duck won ’ t need to this... But rather falling apart duck target meat temp for my probe this if ’. Requires too many hours, then 450 for 15 min because it will go well slow roasted duck the over... Learn more about me here at 120c for 5 hours then at 260C really! A special attachment to duck bones and the skin good and crispy before serving, roast.

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