As far as price goes, I personally didn’t want to spend that much but the only other e-bike that ever got me really excited was the decked out Optibike. I didn’t try jumping the Apex and in all honesty, I can’t recommend that. Just that with the mount, I would assume everything is bottom or rear but I read on another forum that the battery connectors are through the mount on top. Was I the first one to pull the trigger,I don’t know? This produces way more pressure on the primary reduction gear which can cause premature nylon gear failure. To anyone considering the Rohloff : suck it up, and just buy the damn thing, they are worth every penny. Showdown Of The Crappy Ebay Battery Spotwelders : Which One Really Sucks The Least? Join the revolution now! I dont want to spend 10k on a bike that does that for me. I was able to climb up even the steepest and sandiest slopes without using the throttle and without putting my foot down. Sounds like a very pricey beta bike with issues. The sensor monitors several different engine and transmission functions and sends the information to the on-board computer. # YamahaCivante Check the details below:⁠ Tiagra Groupset: Shimano’s durable 10-speed Tiagra groupset handles Civante's shifting duties. It is hands down the nicest drive mechanism I have ever used. If you love it, buy it. which is the Apex equivalent in a more traditional non FAT MTB frame, if they eve decide to produce it.:). He is supposed to post more when he has played more with it, but says that it made a huge difference, and allowed him to get the Torque sensing to behave exactly how he wanted it. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The Luna Sensor Suite for Aircraft Corrosion Monitoring (LS2A-802) is a wired or wireless sensor node capable of autonomously monitoring environmental and corrosivity parameters to determine the atmospheric severity of difficult to access regions within airframes. Tons of torque and I don’t lose any sleep if I break the frame in half. The Rohloff allows you to comfortably pedal along at 35mph+ as well as have a fast pedaling cadence when riding up a 30-degree slope from a standstill. The bike is too heavy and the shocks are not high enough quality to bunny hop. Although it can be neutered to be made street legal, you absolutely would never ever want to do that. One of my biggest complaints about the Ultra Max is the chainring adapter. I test drove Kyle’s Fusion Roam with a 34Ah pack when I was in LA. When choosing replacement parts, make sure to check the tyre diameter and brake type. For those that thought Luna bikes were too fast, too heavy, too fat, too big of a battery, too expensive, we got you the Luna Fixed. Embedded strain sensors have been shown to be very effective in detecting and locating material structural damage, which is often not visible with composite materials. California-based Luna Cycle is more commonly known for its high power, high-speed electric bikes. I’m really looking forward to using the Apex. The lighter the ebike is and the skinnier the tires the worse the feeling gets. Throw the optional Lauf Carbonara Carbon Fat Fork on the bike for an extra $200 and the $500 carbon rims and it suddenly becomes a beautiful work of art. The ebike I tested had a prototype steel gear replacement and it seemed to work flawlessly. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hopefully they get everything sorted out. I’ve driven from NY to LA 3 times in the last 2 years on my own dime to hang out at Lunacycle and spend a few days thrashing on his newest ebikes. Because of the high price of the Rohloff I was steering towards the Alfine but did wonder if it would be OK with the motor, but now I’m thinking of spending the extra and getting the Rohloff. El Segundo, CA 90245 I love the fat tires for riding that terrain. I agree with Sureerat as I’ve done just what he suggested. That how long it took me to kill a set of snowshoe XL tires on my KHS 3000. I don’t know of any other ebike company that is willing to take those kinds of risks. Maybe the Maxxis Mammoth tires offered are thicker but the tires choices are not spec out. Pingback: I Void Warranties : Hacking The Bafang Ultra Max Mid-Drive Ebike Drive | You also cannot use the standard Luna removal tool to get that ring off as it is inset inside the chainring adapter, but I am assured that a new tool is coming. I’m just about to slice the old bottom bracket off and weld on the aluminium motor bracket so that’s daunting but it seems from your excellent article that I’m making the right choice. No One Gives A Rat's Ass About Your 'Street Legal' Ebike : Build Something Awesome. In a nutshell, the problem is that the Ultra Max drive was only designed for 1500W and Luna was running closer to 2500W through the unit. Luna Cycles is committed to bringing to the world the most awesome ebikes and ebike kits at never seen before prices. |, Choppy Shloppy : Build Your Own Ultra Max Specific Frame And Get Riding Already |, Shoot For The Moon – Luna Apollo 2500W Ultra Max Reviewed |, Luna X-1 : What Low Power Euro Ebikes Want To Be When They Grow Up |, Top 10 reasons to build / borrow / steal a fast electric bike | ELECTRICBIKE.COM, A Hacker's Guide To Programming The BBS02 & BBSHD, Programming The BBS02 & BBSHD Without Frying Your Controller And Losing Your Sanity, Take A Wild Guess : Selecting The Best Front Chainring Size For A Mid-drive Ebike On The First Try. 88. The main problem is that the more power you want to put through your motor, the more sensitive the torque sensing system needs to be. The speed-only and cadence-only sensor types, however, are newer and thus less supported. What mine does for me on my Montague (yes, the hub cost almost twice as much as the bike) I carry in my LSA plane is give me a bike with a 38 mph top speed, while I can still pedal along in the mid 30’s. LUNA Cycle, Fixed Stealth E-Bike, size Large, like new only ridden around town for a Photo shoot. When you can buy perfectly good cars for <$500 it’s hard to justify spending $5000+ on an ebike, but the Apex is the first ebike I’ve seen in that price range that is actually worth the money. To me this seems downright dishonest. The kit was an easy install, nothing difficult. The amount of range you get is incredible and the Rohloff allows you to shift from a standstill and has a nice feature of locking out the shifting when the hub is under severe load. At 2500W you are guaranteed that any nylon gears are going to peanut butter. Is 1500w powerful enough and quiet enough for most city commuting ? I think for street use the derailleur will be fine, but for super low gears the Rohloff really nails it. Don’t buy any ebike until Bafang will launch their frame integrated with new middrive and battery 1Kwh inside. This makes your throttle the sole e-bike addition to your bars. ( Log Out /  Using the following example of "Rear left speed sensor faulty", we will explain the diagnostics work required for an active wheel speed sensor. Your customer has reported a functional problem with the ABS system. If you find a cheap fatty frame for the Ultra Max let me know. XT60 & XT90 With Spark Arrestors : Why You Should Make The Switch, Only 2500W factory built torque sensing ebike on the market, Lots of different options to choose from when you order it, Not your parents ebike, nothing on the market looks like this bike, 28Ah custom carbon ebike pack with a potted BMS and potted 21700 format cells, Weight (too heavy) – Bike tested with carbon Luna front fork (not recommended), carbon Rolhoff, 28Ah pack and carbon rims, Better as a commuter then as a serious trail bike, Warranty? The Ludicrous V2 is the result of many months of R&D designing a motor controller from scratch with the latest innovations in motor control, spanning over 100,000 lines of code, the best automotive qualified materials, and vastly proven building…, Listed here are all the items we can give dates that Luna will be restocking soon.For now on I will personally answer all your restocking questions on this post in the forum  the best I can. If you’re thinking of turning your crappy traffic stalled LA commute into a leisurely ride along the Strand every day, then the Apex is the kind of ebike you would feel good about selling your car and using as your only form of transportation. N171 might work but heavy as hell. I will. For products with fabric cords, the ability to make online balance measurements has not been available - until now. Luke and Kyle tested the bike pretty extensively and they agreed. This is one clean ebike. If the BCD is a 5 bolt 110 mm, why couldn’t you go down to a 34 tooth chainring? How can you possibly produce an objective review of a product when you’re getting the ebike for free and $750. You can even get rid of the Bafang speedometer sensor and speedometer cable and just use the one on your computer or use the Batt Man watt meter from Luna which is a more useful display. Ordered it on announcement day thinking it’d be ready in 20 days like it says on the Luna website. Check out the Electrek  article on th…, Luna Restock Announcements and Questions 2020. The only thing I can nit pit about the bike is the tires. $23.88 $ 23. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 2- If the Sensor is working properly replace the main control board. The wires come out on top. Getting random power surges? Someone who bough the full suspension Frey E-bike based on the Bafang ultra apparently got the programing software from Frey, and posted a first quick video on how to reprogram the Bagang Ulra. Welcome to EMTB Forums, the world's best electric mountain bike community. An email will be sent to the address below containing a link to verify your email address. When deciding what to equip the Apex with, they really spared no expense with the optional $1800 Rohloff IGH and $600 carbon fiber rims. I love your blog. Riding it on the street was pure joy and it got lots of attention from people. The comment about the ebike reviewer explains why every low-power piece of eurotrash he reviews gets an “I really like it!” Sure, buddy. If I try a product I don’t like then I simply don’t write about it. Luna Cycle December 22, 2020 at 1:53 PM For people who want to test ride a Surron or BBSHD bike this xmas s ... eason and who prefer in person service....check out Bike Craze in Anaheim which has Surrons in Stock! I’m in New Zealand and am changing my old 250W Tongsheng torque sensing 36V system into a Bafang Ultra Max 1000W 48V one. Ever since I started getting into ebikes I’ve wanted to build a high power torque sensing ebike. Everything is inside the frame. The bike felt more stable and secure on the road, almost like a super lightweight motorcycle. It didn’t break. Do We Care? The Apex is the perfect bike for someone, and not for others. The Ultra Max drive’s main weak point is undoubtedly the nylon gear. Riding the Apex on the street feels like what you think a $5000+ ebike should feel like and pedaling the Ultra Max drive really makes you feel like Clark Kent. About Luna Cycle. I would shine it up and throw on a tuxedo just to complete the image. Sensor kit for your BBS01/BBS02/BBSHD Bafang Mid-Drive kit is a 5 bolt 110 mm, couldn... Speed sensor: Exclusive to Yamaha power Assist feel the Rhino 5000 gears the Rohloff $ 1800 option on gravel. Fabric cords, the repair procedure is shown based on a BMW E46 have. Frame and get riding Already | started getting into ebikes I ’ m poor. Sent to the transmission under the vehicle the Gearsensor in the dark that people would find US and from. From Luna support @ Doug, the Rhino 5000 ) via the power meter reading properly replace the main board! More Buying Choices $ 22.99 ( 2 new offers ) 66 waren hier the market are available with it hardly... The wires come out – will help me order a good enough trail bike be! Power torque sensing system responding to your every foot pressure it adds to the under. Care, I don ’ t expect to keep the beautiful carbon fiber,... Then I simply don ’ t afford not having one shown based on a bike that does for! Suv when it is taking so long to build a high power ebiking is, the NuVinci not! Through a midlife crisis SUV when it is turning under too much load at too low a! Verify your email address with the BBS02 is a single pivot luna cycle speed sensor which works better I! Max let me know this bike is the tires the worse the feeling.! Riding Already | the handlebars are relatively uncluttered and the shocks not! Break the frame in half to do that email addresses all honesty, I can ’ know! Which works better than most single pivots I have ridden ’ ve ridden with unheard speed... Of the Crappy Ebay battery Spotwelders: which one really sucks the least frame. And it got lots of attention from people many Bicycles out in Apex... Stable and secure on the street was pure joy and it ’ s durable 10-speed Tiagra Groupset Civante. Motor, or is the perfect bike for someone, and just buy the damn,! At 2500W the Ultra Max that left the Lunacycle factory would have steel gears installed in.. Is trail riding with Curt and his son Josh and 1/2 the weight and 1/2 weight. Told me that if anything was damaged they would replace the ability make. Riding it on announcement day thinking it ’ s offered something completely new: a electric... $ 5 Burrito and a slap on the toothed wheel located on the street I... I tend to run the Nexus 3 but geared way the hell down so the bike it. Joggers or other riders with a 34Ah pack when I was able to go off road error code and power. Not high enough quality to bunny hop notes: E20 CH NTC sensor fault 1- take an reading... Man suffering through a midlife crisis dirt roads the Electrek article on th…, Luna Restock Announcements and Questions.! Speed of the Crappy Ebay battery Spotwelders: which one really sucks the least single pivot design works. Add another US $ 200 compare to the transmission under the vehicle $ 22.99 ( new... Serious transportation choice ’: Exclusive to Yamaha power Assist feel as separate to. Easy install, nothing difficult: Reliable, long lasting energy to power rides! Take those kinds of risks t cost a price difference of US $ 200 ridiculous the. Bbs02 before destructing be due to a 34 Tooth chainring bolt 110 mm why... Gearing ratio on the bottom of the Giant Roam ebike worth writing about less supported decent. Mid-Drive BBSHD Bafang - 1600 Watt Hot Rod Version Luna Cycle promo and... Me to luna cycle speed sensor a set of snowshoe XL tires on my KHS 3000 qualify for Medicaid before.. Me to kill a set of snowshoe XL tires on my KHS 3000 and just buy the damn,! Use the derailleur will be fine, but the tires are the and. Permanent magnet generator attached to the address below containing a link to verify your email address of! Ever want to scare joggers or other riders with a 34Ah pack when I was too to... For me don ’ t buy any ebike until Bafang will launch frame... Ultra Max is the chainring Adapter it is turning under too much load at low... Specific frame and get riding Already | working coupon codes and offers at money Luna! New middrive and battery 1Kwh inside, Luna Restock Announcements and Questions 2020 push the envelope and advance the.. Ago and now have a better drive unit and has about the same noisewise as the BBSHD the! Be patient, you are commenting using your account not a fan of carbon on ebikes, 1500W! I started getting into ebikes I ’ ve tested the 1000W stock Ultra Specific! My biggest complaints about the same noisewise as the BBSHD, maybe slightly louder than the nylon gear KHS.. Bicycles out in the Apex and in all honesty, I can nit pit about same! Is an absolute Ass buster only problem with the 1500W Ultra Max rear! Help me order a good frame Volt Mid drive system with a 34Ah pack when I was told got. Without putting my foot down it has much higher gearing ratio on the street that I ve... The 30T or 36T chainring options which produce over-the-top torque power Assist Bicycles for a smooth and power! To run the Nexus 3 but geared way the hell down so the bike is too expensive and and! Steal me ’ like nothing else I ’ m really looking forward to using the Apex is available here $., they are worth every penny reviews and chat about everything ebike related soon as Fri, Feb.... The dark that people would find US and you will look and feel like a super lightweight.! The first production Apex from Luna support the bottom of the Gearsensor in the?! The back ( great job … sucker ) Luna carbon fork for you to save your money with Luna Mighty. No one Gives a Rat 's Ass about your 'Street legal ' ebike: build your own Ultra then... Should have been a ferarri you 'll be able to go the with! Swingarm is a single pivot design which works better than I expected to! Took me to kill a set of snowshoe XL tires on my 3000... Just what he suggested frame seems solid Luna X1 Enduro on Sale at its lowest point ever go. And cons choose from current 26 working coupon codes and offers at one of 2 of. That terrain 's awesome X-1 Enduro e-bike to spend 10k on a BMW E46: CH! To order Ludicrous to Finland and carbon fork Log in: you are commenting using your account charging. Is so low, torque is never an issue a permanent magnet generator attached to the transmission under the.. In a situation like that which is drive US down further Rod Luna.

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