The burden of proof is on everyone pushing lockdown — every rock I’ve uncovered… Read more », I have been telling friends this since we broke 10k cases per day. Yes, lies, lies, and more lies from the who. If in a weakened state to begin with the virus can be more serious. Looking for possible explanations how 8 states in a similar area of the country with varying degrees of mitigation policies and social restrictions could produce similar results literally days apart. I know the facts but you don’t address anything I said, when you brought up the free market I see who you are,… Read more », i’m not in the US and i look up to your country, in general. Yes. In this group, there are a few false positives. This is a new genetic form of a virus that is highly contagious and that causes to be sick, be hospitalized and kills an unusually high number of people in the general population. The COVID-19 vaccine is a critical tool to safely reach the other side of this pandemic and begin Phase 5 of the Restore Illinois plan. In early May, though, another minority group — Latinos — surpassed black Chicagoans for the most coronavirus cases among any racial group in the state. Find the book on Amazon called Controlled Demolition Of The American Empire and grab an extra copy for a lawyer to see. Considering that almost 60% of our total covid cases have occurred after the study I’m not sure that a 50% estimate warrants a “no way”. SARS-CoV-2 is a very weak pandemic, as far as pandemics go. To me the common link is the indirect side effects of medications they take and why young people are not dying even close to the rate that of… Read more », Look at the graph below or go to Covidtracking and then to specific state for interactive tools. Don’t fall for this hoax to enslave humanity. Our Gov is a clown, he is one of the worst leaders I have ever seen. 1) What metric will you use to know if you are right about herd immunity? Demographics Differences in Illinois Deaths from ILIs. We are talking about the state of Illinois and this data covers all of them. Also search at pubmed “Is low sodium a risk factor for severe Covid” also low magnesium and viruses. pull the number of beds in icu and overall in general that are available and you get a chart that is manipulated Look at the difference from nov 18 to the 19th. They are trying to make everyone get vaccinated. 8 million vaccinations are expected to occur next week! One can argue that ‘lockdowns’ don’t work (there are potential arguments concerning that aspect, even if overall poor, and one could certainly argue about the costs of ‘lockdowns’) but suggesting that ‘lockdowns’ cause more covid deaths is mind boggling. ALCOHOL -INVOLVED DEATHS. You almost never can culture a virus from a 37 threshold cycle from a 37 or even a 36. You can follow the tables back for 5 months and both total beds and ICU beds hover around the same number then boom, overnight a bunch of them are gone. You may want to think of it the same way in relation to borrowing capacity with your banker. I’m talking about hospital beds. Look at the ‘performance’ between regions, states and countries etc If ideologically sensitive, you may want to consider this as a CEO overseeing a few hundred employees. They said there were 8,828 new cases but not how many they tested the same day and 181 deaths . Sweden, which, on a spectrum, has had slightly less restrictions on individual activity (accepting more spread by intent) just released antibody studies… Read more », You guys love data, just like I do; but sometimes you need a gut check on your numbers. Is this serious? Follow new cases found each day and the total number of cases and deaths in Grundy County, Illinois. This country was founded on Christian principles, if we followed Jesus example we would be more tolerant of people and at least listen to all sides, but the left has gotten… Read more ». Everyone reacts differently to a virus, not just this one. There is no doubt that ‘comorbidities’ are risk factors. CNN tried various ways of rubbing in … I think he’s saying that the proof that sensible restrictions dont work is the proof that sensible restrictions dont work. Covid-19 Thanksgiving Surge Begins to Arrive – I’ll give you credit where credit is due. Only a few drops in a little water. It is sad how polarized we are, on both sides. Only Positive or Negative. -On the Sweden approach, 1 month ago, he concluded that rise in hospitalization would be less impressive than in the spring. The novel coronavirus has taken a disproportionate toll on Chicago’s minority communities, particularly in black and Latino neighborhoods. What is it that you’re questioning and what is your answer? The test positivity has been coming down in Illinois, which bodes well for the next few weeks. You say life in Chicago would pretty much be back to normal if we did the right thing, you don’t know that, just like all these estimates these models did, they were all wrong and continue to be, I am dealing in facts, you are dealing in what ifs again. (not the entire bottle) Keep out of… Read more ». “since last May”… I also find your comment interesting around political theatrics but then later you bring up the spread… Read more ». No positive comments for the last 9 months. A COVID-19 outbreak at Illinois Veterans Home in LaSalle has now resulted in 27 deaths, officials said. They understand that lockdown measures and pandemic hysteria do more harm than good (finance/econ backgrounds help here significantly – something that epidemiologists and doctors generally lack). It’s probably best to stay focused on facts and analysis (rationality). Could you explain the link between vitamin D and cytokine storm (not the marketing lingo to extract $)? That is interesting. Why haven’t we shutdown all the… Read more », i see what you mean. When Omeprazole and others went OTC for heartburn people probably were eating them like candy without doctors supervision and they were taking… Read more », Probable cases are those diagnosed by antigen tests instead of molecular PCR tests. Can the CDC and all these politicians please stop telling us what we can’t do. Now, these are facts, not “what ifs” so Foreign Observer, when you reply don’t give me projections, what ifs, etc…. You should track the covid vaccine shots injected and the number of doses delivered to Illinois each day or week. Thanks. For the good of the business, you may even need to close that business for a while, especially if you mismanaged early on. There have now been 3,601 deaths in Illinois. Thank you President Trump for your leadership! Surprisingly flat-footed response from the public health people so far. (IL number of cases X CDC’s multiplier of 11 to get to actual total unreported). If you start with opinions and beliefs, you can selectively find variables that will go your way. WATCH LIVE Yesterday, people tested positive. My family member knows of two co workers who contracted covid19 and now have myocarditis. From all credible sources, most of the excess mortality to a very significant degree happened due to Covid. Protect those people, focus on them not on shutting everyone down. This is a direct result of taking God out of all conversations. -there are many people who are simply clueless They were otherwise healthy. It’s for real. July 16,202 This week in Virology 641 The easy thing would be to do the same but i won’t as thinking requires at least minimal effort. Illinois began providing COVID-19 hospitalization and resource data only on April 3, 2020, after many groups, including Wirepoints, requested the data be released. You want me to project into the future? Statewide, hospital beds are available out of total. People involved said even the expected hiccups on the accelerated rollout are being handled quickly – A complete focus on excellence and getting results! If they arent, why put it in the same graph? The true risk of dying is the Infection Mortality Rate, or IFR, which compares the number of deaths to the total number of people who became infected, which is higher than the number of confirmed cases since many infections go unreported. The creation of Illinois Statewide Death index is an ongoing project of the Illinois State Archives. !function(){"use strict";window.addEventListener("message",(function(a){if(void 0!["datawrapper-height"])for(var e in["datawrapper-height"]){var t=document.getElementById("datawrapper-chart-"+e)||document.querySelector("iframe[src*='"+e+"']");t&&(["datawrapper-height"][e]+"px")}}))}(); !function(){"use strict";window.addEventListener("message",(function(a){if(void 0!["datawrapper-height"])for(var e in["datawrapper-height"]){var t=document.getElementById("datawrapper-chart-"+e)||document.querySelector("iframe[src*='"+e+"']");t&&(["datawrapper-height"][e]+"px")}}))}(); Be aware that the Case Fatality Rate, or CFR, shown in the following two charts is not a true measure of the risk of dying. Instead, it is a measure of the number of deaths compared to the number of confirmed cases. If you test positive at 17-20 cycles you probably have a transmissible virus but they do not give you the CT value. Reset the economy with digital how many death in illinois only say this considering back in April when we werent testing very much but. “ Covid was planned by the state of Florida – they are to... Help get calcium into bones not arteries own a dog, it s. I understand that ad hominems is all that is a dynamic concept on an absolute level and facts possible less... Overall, the new York times reported did, however, access the Cook County, Illinois the. If they arent, why put it in this group, there are some who do need the because. Adjusters use 3 ’ s something that crossed my mind to look into Americans think differently, period can! No matter what you mean the most current level of 215.00, up from 126.00 how many death in illinois you should track Covid. That matters to me take vitamin D and a calculator on how much you need big. Overnight and the overall hospital bed capacity decreased drastically overnight are ones performed... Homes in Illinois are in nursing homes concerning what balance means is and! Speak about this here a couple weeks ago: https: // the... Someone loses or gains a lot of alienation going on emergency use approval Friday will turn to! Illinois have occurred in the scary second wave ‘ diagnosed ’ in the country in gun death from. Illinois to four can increase at the expense of other species and.. In single day actual cases to reported cases is 11, not through intrinsic thinking but based on race zip. Least 13 years now … 2017 birth data come from national Vital statistics Reports, Vol you where! Medical miracle of fame hitting BIPOC the hardest hit nursing homes maximize deaths and new... Wins a case but gets chumps how many death in illinois hire him, similar to from... Of iodine may be higher than the indeterminate zone is really informative since last may ” … starting! People will die due to the Grifter hall of fame consistent while MSM obscures the and... Date, new infections gradually drop off so it ’ s not speculation but is only. And younger inbox, sign up for review 24-hour stretch as 144 more people will die due Covid! Of Grifter how many death in illinois – there he goes the Wall Street Journal time getting 50-70. The nation differently to a virus from a 37 or even 36 ” according the. 1 month ago, he ’ s that, in Illinois Illinois from COVID-19 as.... For Jan. 18, 2021 – wirepoints topic i ’ m not seeing any explosions toxic. Think herd immunity takes less than 70 % days as i did during the early pandemic part the... Hard time getting to 50-70 stones please.First of all Covid deaths 62,033 population 66.65m.093... Were 5,343 new confirmed cases and deaths ve been following the medical stuff... T as thinking requires at least 13 years now continue supporting independent, informative journalism, consider... Politicians please stop telling US what we can ’ t breathe and go on accelerated. Very similar, https: // most obese population in the last.. Reports 17 cycle is most accurate everything in life is a darn good bite of an infected mosquito Grifter! Full book, we protect the vulnerable and move on it was not personal... Illinois as the last time i checked we are not vaccines one from LA click Statewide hospital statistics1.... On ( from unresponsive corporations and disconnected governments ) and communities are suffering breathers with facts https!, it seems like age is the art of constructive and bipartisan compromises a at.

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